2016 June Monthly

  1. 9 months ago


    18 Jun 2016 Administrator

    It's the time. Gl to everyone!

  2. GL Godly! Thanks dude!

  3. Rum bottle ready Godly?

  4. And someone give Ali some Ale.

  5. SwC for gold because they have the best p


  6. Godly

    18 Jun 2016 Administrator


    I think I had enough yesterday, only beers today.

    Ps. I won't stream this time, but will upload recordings after monthly.

  7. godly stream you fuckface

  8. who stream thenks

  9. streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/happygw1

  10. thernks

  11. eric isn kek xd

  12. Yo that mes in SwC lol omg crazy

  13. -image-

  14. @Motoko -image-

    you what

  15. Lemstar

    18 Jun 2016 Administrator

    i just ate like five slices of american processed cheese product on my breakfast

    it was delicious

  16. joke mat a guild in a final which got rekt 2 times [rip]

  17. I won all of my elim matches, as usual.

  18. @Fisto joke mat a guild in a final which got rekt 2 times [rip]

    rich coming from a guy thats never played a mAT without bots on his team - you do realise you wouldn't even be close to winning anything without them?


  19. @Ali
    said the guy with the healer bot in the team garbage moron

  20. I have a dervish bot

    Holla at cha boi lil dicklets

    Jokes aside mAT was full of bots and lulz

    congrats HH sorry for rip, played very well tho

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