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    Need a frontline, midline and prot.

    Goin' to play many AT's as possible.

    Pm: These Things Happen or Lynn Mclua.

  2. I apply! Z~

  3. Asking for brain when you yourself doesnt have one. Fucken joke. Fail guild.

  4. Irrelevant.


  5. Anyone who has a brain wouldnt play with you bc you have no brain. All you can do is beg and apologize like a little bitch you are.

  6. Updated op.

  7. iBot is looking for a Ally as well feel free to join

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  9. Updated op.

  10. Ep S

    13 Jul 2016 Member

    All the shitty players are so mean now olol.

  11. Who wants to play backline with me?

    @Kundendienst PM: Schnee Sturm

    Are u the real Schnee Sturm?

  12. we are also looking for a flagger - since ours is not able to play on saturday

  13. good luck fellas

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    @Keyes thanks bro!

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    Hi! Ep is at the beach. AGAIN.

    Need a midline or front.

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    heya we basically need 1 front, maybe 1 midliner and a prot

    Pm us :D

  17. Updated op for August ^______^


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