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  1. last year
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    Hi guys, i'm looking for a pvp guild to play some gvg again. I haven't played since guild wars 2 started and i'm a bit rusty, but i would like to get into guild wars gvg again.

    My main main roles back ago were monk and sometimes flagrunner, i would like to stick to this positions. Could play some mid line too.

    I was playing for guilds like:
    We Want Cookies [NOW]
    On Ne Plaisant Pas Avec Patrons [BOSS]
    Die Keller Kinder [KK]
    No Cookies Left [NOW]
    Now Reform [NOW]

    I can talk german or english and had champion rank 7 back then.
    My ingame name: Mia Mmhhmm

    Contact me here or ingame!

  2. hope you find what your looking for. Good luck!!

  3. 10 months ago

    lf mat spot in january

    no interrupt midline

    ingame: Mia Mmhmm

  4. is it a joke?

  5. @MoskauMoskau is it a joke?


  6. good player give him a good opportunity not like wot benching

  7. Edited 10 months ago by Yoshi

    got a guild for tomorrow


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