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    AoD 9+1 FC / 8+1 ILU / 11+1+1 DOM / 8+1 Insp
    Power leach 9+1 FC / 11+1+3 ILU / 8+1 Insp / 8 fire

    This is an old work in progress of mine, but have never tested it. I can't remember what maps/flux it was for, but basically it is just another condi/hex setup. You should be able to apply poison, bleeding, cripple, cracked armor, weakness, burning, and deep wound at the same time for fragility spikes in the best case scenario.

    I don't pvp anymore, so if anyone wants to take over working on this, go for it. Opinions and criticism are welcome.

  3. @Ra ; Bumping this thread.

    Do you guys think using Holy Veil is still necesary on your prot monk?
    I barely see monks maintaining Veil, because of many reasons. So... Would using Remove hex (8sec recharge), Smite Hex and Deny Hexes (Cure Hex?) (40/40) not be more beneficial?

    I think this could be good for prots who aren't used to pre-veiling and you could use it when you don't expect you will have to pre-veil.

    Also remove hex could be good because it has the same recharge as Lsurge I guess? So you could take remove hex on the prot monk and veil on the flagger. Flagger could maintain veil when running flags on the backline and Veil is still a great skill on split.

  4. Id say the only thing worth dropping veil for, is deny hex where you can remove multiple hexes (not really required anymore)

  5. -image-

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    The dazer desperately needs To the limit somewhere in there. You could easily bring Aggressive refrain then, too.
    p.s. Frustration also deals dmg on attacking targets when hit by a skill interupt, so it works with stuff like wailing weapon. A pretty amusing sight on a frenzy axe, at least.

  7. Problem is that the dmg sucks with low strength (if you have to spec in tactics)

  8. Isnt the point to spam daze as much as possible, rather than being a dmg dealer?

  9. Well, the point is to daze the prot 24/7, which you can do w/o to the limit if you got a daze spear, while dealing as much dmg as possible

  10. Fair enough then!

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    The Necromentalist

    Bonus features include:
    Rend Enchantments
    Rigor Mortis
    Armor of Mist
    Blurred Vision

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    Build: Draw Breaker
    Concept: Block to Draw (Finals or single elim for lols)
    Inspired by : Defy Block Way.

    Basic concept:

    Most maps allow for a 3 gate block in not only your front but your back gate or hall ways like isle of the dead. This allows teams to incorporate a 3-3 split block in order to prevent their opponents from gaining entry into their base. The theory with this build is obvious. Block, Stay Alive for 28 minutes, and draw. How can a team after the defy pain, and shadow form nerfs possibly achieve this? Especially given the power of dervishes and mesmers? It seems like only a mad man would try it; however, I am quite confident that a highly underrated elite ability might provide people with the confidence to give it a shot. What kind of sorcery might allow such a feat? My dearest comrades I believe Spell Breaker could allow for this to happen with in combination with other abilities. I tried to create something that could mimic but not be as great as shadow form. But anyway here is the build and criticism welcome.


    Spell Breaker is maintainable how?

    With 16 divine the ability Divine Aura provides 37% extra enchant duration and with a weapon/staff mod you can get up to 57% duration. At 16 divine Spell breakers duration is 18 seconds + the extra duration gives it a whopping 28 second duration. Yeah, that's great but the recharge is 45 seconds, so what gives? Quickening Zephyr from the ranger reduces the recharge from 45 seconds to 22.5 (But I always assume the worst case scenario and always round UP instead of down), so 23 seconds! This gives you a 5 second window to decide when you cast the ability again.

    So Caster's can't do anything to you but what about physical Damage?

    Protectors defense is extremely core to this build and it works so well due to the positioning of the 3 person block. The person most left and most right can both use their protectors defense at the same time to not only give it to themselves, but also to provide the middle player with the buff. Once it ends the middle person may use theirs individually to allow the left and right people to gain it from him. It is also maintainable due to Quickening Zephyr. You have a 25% chance to be struck by physical damage from projectiles and melee. In the situation you are hit you have abilities to make up for that damage. (healing signet, signet of devotion) to not only heal yourself but heal an ally who may have been interrupted on a heal or even provide restfull breeze in case of that situation. Though, I doubt it's essential since with zephyr the cooldown with the signets is 2 seconds. Unless interrupted there is not a time you could NOT be using your signets to pump healing since they are always up after each use if you bounce between the two.

    Yeah, great but what if Spell Breaker gets interrupted or stripped or disabled?

    The ranger in the build provides song of conc which is easily maintained because the ranger has the option to bring any chant or shout to consistently spam signet of aggression, which has a 2.5-3 second cool down with zephyr up. In a sense there isn't a situation in which song of conc shouldn't be nearly or always fulled adren. Meaning when the monks are about to use their spell breaker it can be applied with ease. It is impossible to get interrupted; however, you may be stripped. In the abilities I outlined Signet of disenchantment can be fatal if used correctly. Though, a monk may cover spell breaker it is not impossible for a good mesmer to time his strip. Especially since cancel casting Spell Breaker is not a great option with the increased energy cost with Quickening Zephyr. Tranquility really is a ball buster. You will 100% lose with that ability. That is the best counter to this design unfortunately there is absolutely no way around that. That will pull your enchants much faster than they can be maintained. And in situations where your ally is stripped it is indeed possible for the 8th player position to be another monk who is inside the base who can respond to an yside with an extra copy of spell breaker *or three* depending on his secondary profession. Signet of humility is also counter but isn't going to assure your demise since as previously mentioned the 8th player position can be a monk with extra copies of spell breaker. Though it does make the situation and room for error much more stressful and prone to happening. I will say it is not impossible for a team with Expunge enchantments to break a line of defense. But is also not impossible to defend against. This skill is highly underrated and dangerous. It was the primarily the reason [WM] lost to [EviL] in the GWWC. A team who coordinates correctly with that ability should have no problem in theory eventually breaking a line of defense in a block way formation.

    Okay and if you get knock down by say a skill like *shock* or mage hunters or iron palm since these abilities are not block able?

    Dolyak signet allows for you to be unKDable for 8 seconds. With Zephyr it only has a 2 second downtime, which gives you little room for error when preparing to use a vital skill like Spell Breaker. Really not much more to say here other than be smart with Dolyak!

    Hmm, Energy? Do you even have it?

    It is true spell breaker ends up costing 19-20 energy after you consider in QZ's buff. Which is why the ranger could bring 1-3 energy gain abilities for the monk if needed. The ranger is there to provide utility for most situations. He could use Song of Power to give them +4 energy regen until they use an ability or lyric of zeal to give them energy when they use a signet or The power is yours to give +1 regen (although this is not very practical) So, in this situation I don't see a problem with 1 zurrie derv but more than 1 COULD be an issue with this build for energy gain. Although this build has the potential to be equipped for almost every situation since the 8th player slot is open for some but not all maps.

    -40 armor when healing signet OUCH?!

    No, not really. Assuming you have +15 while under a condition, + 16 tactics shield, +5 armor weapon, + 10 from dolyak you are gauranteed an extra 31-51 armor. If most of your damage is coming from an axe warrior you could spec slash, pierce depending. Unfortunately with dervishes most of this damage will not be able to be specced against. Though, this is where blocking heavily comes in.

    What about teleports by enemies? / variations?

    First, the monks cannot be teleported on spell like abilities, so that leaves very little options for enemies to use. While shadow walk may be used in that situation it's not practical and only temporary with a small duration. The ranger doesn't need to be in range of the monks or enemies aggro bubbles just earshot range of the monks, so the ranger should never see a situation in which his or her life is on the line unless the enemy uses a teleport on an NPC (Which I think most teams would be idiotic and kill anyways); however, it is worth mentioning the rangers skills are not could, you could bsurge / p to prevent such an issue since it is very rare to see casters with teleports bsurge is the most viable option. but mind you, if this happens you also need the ranger to use song of CONC as well as the ele, And sometimes even though we addressed interrupts it isn't also a bad idea to run dual song of conc rangers either depending on how interrupt heavy teams are or if the map is big and you need conc on both sides or two copies on one side or even 2 spirits one one each side.

    Variations explained:
    2 x ranger conc (to prevent interruptions on both sides or interruption heavy 1 sides or have 2 spirits (maintain))
    1 x ranger conc, 1 echo mesmer conc (multiple copies of conc to be used and mobile can also mimicry spell breaker for an emergency 6-8 seconds depending on flux)
    1 x ranger conc, 1 bsurge conc(to prevent teleporters from killing zephyr or your ranger or doing lord damage and gives conc)
    1 x ranger conc, 1 monk conc or arcane echo / mim (extra copies of SB to build wars teams who run non spell strips / disables)

    Still a WIP tips / crits appreciated.

  13. A team with mirror of ice, stone sheath and a dervish might provide trouble due to AoE damage which you don't need to cast on the monks (same for gust, pbaoe fire and earth skills, especially shockwave, but I don't expect anyone but EDGE to run this). The dervish will keep them burning and dealing small AoE damage packets while the eles can time their double elite skill damage on healing signet.

    You should also keep in mind that there are skills like warrior's cunning that might hurt. (But again, who runs these in GvG?)

  14. Edited last year by Sellous

    @K R S ;C H K R A team with mirror of ice, stone sheath and a dervish might provide trouble due to AoE damage which you don't need to cast on the monks (same for gust, pbaoe fire and earth skills, especially shockwave, but I don't expect anyone but EDGE to run this). The dervish will keep them burning and dealing small AoE damage packets while the eles can time their double elite skill damage on healing signet.

    You should also keep in mind that there are skills like warrior's cunning that might hurt. (But again, who runs these in GvG?)

    I considered adding warriors cunning on the counter list as it is definitely a ball buster. As for the AoE abilities you could take out purge conditions for a prot ability say like shielding hands or shield of absorption. Not everything is set in stone. In that situation a prot would go along way and the ranger could run the ability that allows your team to lose 3 conditions when using skills or even further more condition removing shouts. There is a lot of room to counter but countering the RIGHT builds is the issue. So, while what you're saying is valid I think really the only issue would be warriors cunning as opposed to the others. But again, with further enhanced durations on prots could go far (57%). Especialy SoA. So, I'm not sure really if purge conditions is set in stone or if there should be 2 x SoA or 1 x purge or 2 x purge or 1 x SoA on one side.

    The recharges are pretty long on those elites you mentioned aside from gust I'm pretty sure. That's not to say the damage doesn't add up but I'm wondering how far SoA or restful breeze could prevent that from being an issue. Or the combination of the two. Though shielding hands is nice too because of its .25 cast speed and longer duration.

    ~Another Edit.

    I forgot to mention it is pretty easy to cancel cast healing signet when you're watching eles cast in front of you.

  15. Luv

    10 Sep 2016 Member
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    Why not sneak out a SF sin with dancing daggers at 26 and actually win the game at lord dmg, instead of drawing which I don't really see the point/fun ?

  16. @Luv Why not sneak out a SF sin with dancing daggers at 26 and actually win the game at lord dmg, instead of drawing which I don't really see the point/fun ?

    Entourage for one and also *chaos storm you mean? Innovation in guild wars doesn't have to just be limited to "winning". For lower ranked guilds or "the gutter players" gimmicks provide a much more favorable out come. This thread as I recall wasn't limited to just meta super try hard absolute correct me if I'm wrong. The point is to draw I don't see why that is hard to conceive. You take yourself as well as an opponent out. It exposes the idiotic mechanics the game has held for years. The original block way consisted of an SF sin with chaos storm or ANY dmg ability to just get lord dmg since you already knew the other team could not. Back then entourage didn't make it so you couldn't damage the lord. Clearly that outcome is preferred over drawing; however changes have made this impossible. Unless you're trying to mimic something else as of which I've had in the works for a little while. Which I will post soon.

    But that build has design flaws unfortunately. This build however exposes the short coming of the change after. But really, I didn't make the build or theorize a build for that kind of out come. I was just toying with more ideas and innovating since creating builds in this game has always been fun as fuck for me. Since e/p spike, guild lord spike, this and several other ideas I've constructed. But again I've always liked gimmicky builds that anybody could attempt just to expose them to different play styles than the current meta and show innovation in gw is not completely dead although it is far close to being. Really I would try everything in the game once build wise just to say I've played it and thoroughly enjoyed guild wars because of the nearly endless combinations. So while you might not see value in a build that really just is designed to draw I see a build that requires coordination, communication, and a different outlook on the game itself. That to me is guild wars. And this game to me, I got every fucking penny worth out of it.

    Guild wars has lotsa fun combinations.
    Trying something new.
    Drawing or not I'd have fun exposing myself to more of what gw has to offer.
    Game was worth every penny.
    Manly tears.

  17. Reed

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    @Curiousity Entourage for one .

    Dancing daggers hits enough times in a second to do damage through entourage.

  18. @Curiousity But that build has design flaws unfortunately.

    Mirror of Disenchantment would rape that block. Tho it would be nice to see it again, last time I saw that skill Aegis was partywide :)

  19. Reed

    11 Sep 2016 Member

    @Steady Stomping Mirror of Disenchantment would rape that block.

    Other than its a spell into spellbreaker?

  20. Luv

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    @Reed Dancing daggers hits enough times in a second to do damage through entourage.


    As for the rest of your post, I guess we just have different conception of fun :P
    After a few minutes of sucessful blocking it would become pretty boring to me if I knew the best I can expect until the end of the game is maintaining the status quo.
    Attempting a ninja split at 26 would make it that much more exciting to m, but maybe it's just me ^.^

    The build is pretty cool though! I've tried a few times in the past to do blockways and it didn't seem as effective/easy on paper as this one. Sadly I never got to try any

  21. Well it might be worth testing out in a scrimmage to see how well it really works vs the current meta and common GvG builds and especially whether a sin can successfully sneak out at 26 to win .

    There are definitely plenty of builds that can crack it (e.g. Order of Apostasy), but to me the only ones interesting are those that also work OK vs the current popular team builds. As mentioned EDGE's starburst ele (Endless also uses lava font) + shockwave ele might cause issues, but does that work vs meta and other popular builds?

    I've seen an Assassin-Paragon with Dark Apostasy in at least one GvG match and I think it could help crack this build while still being useful enough vs other teams.

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