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    I would like to play something else than ele builds and also I don't really wanna play spam mesmer. Also single front builds aren't that fun to play. Anyways I'm updating this thread. I probably can't be able to play that much currently, thanks to my work. However I should be able to play monthly and weekends at least.

    • I have been playing Dom mes since 2012 forwards pretty much only.
    • I played lots of stand eles and necro from time to time.
    • I played frontline in Ns during years 2010-2012.
    • I haven't played lots of split chars lately at all(if you don't count spam mes), but I used to play assassin and mind blast eles during 2007-2008.
    • I used to play ranger a lot during 2007-2009.
    • I used to monk during 2005-2006
    • Only time I really played flagger was when e-prodigy was still a thing.

    Most people nowadays just know me from playing mesmer, but I have played lots of different roles during years. I don't necessarily have to play mes, but I still enjoy playing mes(not just spam). I don't like playing dervishes personally, one of the reasons I stopped playing front in past. I like 8v8 more than split, but I don't mind if you want to split on split maps.

    I'm not looking for best or even top guild necessary, just nice guild and nice people to play with. Also don't necessarily have to be in core team either.

    Better to msg me here(I'm mostly just afk in game). I consider my options later, I also need nice guild to leech in meantime :)

  2. I know you wanna join Flux ;)

  3. sync

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    Might wanna wait until after next weekend, gonna give that Thai-ass some love in Jaffai's cellar. Not sure if he's gonna be found after that.

  4. thai girls have an ass? smh

  5. sync

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    @[deleted] thai girls have an ass? smh

    the ladyboys have whatever needed.

  6. gl godly <3


  7. thats a boney ass....

  8. boney ass, lmfao i cried

  9. @JornF thats a boney ass....

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    man if you slap that ass , you might brake your fuckin hand

  11. would be worth it tho tbhh fam

  12. jack

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    @[deleted] gl godly <3



  13. -image-

  14. thats looks a little better haha

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    Up, updated OP.

  16. Best bot in game, ily Juha.
    Best wishes :*

  17. @Ra ; I know you wanna join Flux ;)

  18. Godly

    17 Dec 2016 Administrator

    @Ra ; Flux reforming?

  19. You bet so!
    And this line took my attention.

    @Godly I used to monk during 2005-2006

  20. Godly

    17 Dec 2016 Administrator

    I'm professional Boon prot & BL monk! Although I don't know do I really wanna play monk again, monking nowadays looks awful :(

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