Streaming / recent recordings thread

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  2. 11 months ago

    First AT this year.

    [WoT] vs. [CW] , C AT round 3.

  3. 04.01.17 Scrims :

    Monky Youtube Chanel

  4. First time recording matches. Think I messed up the first 2 scrimmages so I didn't upload them.
    Don't worry about the gameplay lol. Everyone is super rusty in [Flux]

    [Flux] vs [Sqrl]
    [Flux] vs [CW]
    [Flux] vs [Sqrl]
    [Flux] vs [CW]
    [Flux] vs [CW]

  5. 10 months ago

    Pug AT and scrims in [Flux]

  6. can we have a playlist of unusual/historic matches (>=720p req ofc)

    all of these new uploads are 5/7 would not watch

  7. Don't watch them then xD

    Also, you can do the playlist for yourself :) Feel free to share when done, though!

  8. Some mAT matches in [WoT]:

    Semi Finals [WoT] vs. [HDHR] (memorial entry )
    Quarter Finals [WoT] vs. [CW] (memorial entry )
    Playoffs [WoT] vs. [EDGE]
    Swiss Round 4 [WoT] vs. [Ark] (memorial entry )

  9. Hey guys, I'll be shutting down the YouTube archive today. If anyone wants the database or the scripts just PM me!

  10. Aww, sad to see it go. Did it get somewhat popular at any point according to your statistics?

    Thanks for the job you did there. :)

  11. Godly

    2 Feb 2017 Administrator

    @its happy

    I can take both.

  12. Godly

    8 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Up, added BB scrims recording. Seems like there has been less streams and recordings since last year. Hopefully people would stream more again! I l will try to record more soon too as my hectic work schedule is finally going to stop. Sync should be streaming/record this month also.

  13. 9 months ago

    Some cool players invited me to their henchway. Played without TS. Close one.

    [Art] vs. [core] AT round 3 AT 16th february 2017

    Have fun.

  14. Godly

    16 Feb 2017 Administrator

    I have that on record too, our side was pretty funny :) will add once it's up.

  15. I hope your side had TS. Imo alot is lost without it, especially in fun matches.

  16. Godly

    16 Feb 2017 Administrator

    ^of course, it's pretty good. I listened it again, laughing my ass off :D

  17. Godly

    16 Feb 2017 Administrator
    Edited 9 months ago by Godly

    Up, here's the match (and rest of the AT. Enjoy :D

    Ps. I forgot to unhide chat for this(botting reasons obviously).

  18. Used defenders zeal incorrectly :/ should put it on melee. Knights/Footmen/archers while in the base. Youll have unlimited energy lol

  19. I forgot to use it on NPCs, yes. My bad. But Hemo wasn't in main that much so I had only the paragon to put the hex on. :S Anyway, rusty henchway gameplay. I'll try to be less bad tomorrow. :D

  20. ^.^

  21. sync

    19 Feb 2017 Member

    MAT matches upped here

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