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  2. 7 months ago
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    Prot POV :

    Scrim 1
    Scrim 2
    Scrim 3
    Scrim 4
    [bG] vs [cu] 30/03/2017

  3. AT 02/04/2017

    bG vs Rudi
    bG vs Fdp
    bG vs yB

  4. I accidentally removed our match against EU from our guild's observe so I've been sentenced to upload my recoding of it.

    [Rudi] vs. [EU]

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    [Rudi] vs. [bG]

  6. Godly

    8 Apr 2017 Administrator

    ^fixed your link.

  7. @K R S ;C H K R [Rudi] vs. [bG]

    That pic to hide your chat is not creepy at all.

  8. Edited 7 months ago by K R S C H K R

    Godly ^fixed your link.

    Oh, I copied the wrong link? I hope no one found out what grotesque stuff I do while not spending time on GW! :D
    Thanks for fixing!

    Ra  That pic to hide your chat is not creepy at all.

    That's my daily portion of disturbing self-mockery. Enjoy :D

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    [Rudi] mAT (#4/13)

    SR 2 [Rudi] vs. [Fdp]
    SR 3[Rudi] vs. [chmp]
    SR 4 [Rudi] vs. [SHOP]
    Playoffs [Rudi] vs. [PZZZ]
    Quarter Finals [Rudi] vs. [Fdp]
    Semi Finals [Rudi] vs. [대트슈T]

    ggs team

  10. Guested for the japanese guild [GO] today as a 400hp troll derv. Man, they're rusty. But I'm sure they'll get back into GvG within some time. With every match they'll remember basics and tactics. E.g. today's lesson was to not take the hench backline on your only real monk. In addition they learned that it hurts to run into the opponent's pit while all opposing players are in there and your own backline is chilling in your own base for whatever reason. ^-^

    [GO] vs. [대트슈T] #1 (w/o TS)
    [GO] vs. [대트슈T] #2 (with TS)

    Uploaded the first match just for fun, but I gathered from the mad PMs ingame and comments on Youtube that people would like to see the second match aswell. Did you know that there's rupt bots against Aura Slicer? Hahaha

    P.S.: Fisto still bad.

  11. The host of the youtube archive switched over to new software. They had some issues but the website should be reachable in a day or two.

  12. 6 months ago

    Observe is down and QQ pretty dead. Time for some uploads.

    [Rudi] vs. [SS] C AT/1
    [Rudi] vs. [Vk] C AT/ 2
    [Rudi] vs. [Vk] Scrim
    [Rudi] vs. [Ns] C AT/3

  13. Don't let this thread die.

    [雪語] vs. [대트슈T] AT 17th May 2017

    mAT with 幽夢影 [雪語] (winter's guild, scored #4)
    2017 May mAT: Swiss Round 1 [雪語] vs. [LOoL]
    2017 May mAT: Swiss Round 2 [雪語] vs. [Fdp]
    2017 May mAT: Swiss Round 3 [雪語] vs. [Vk]
    2017 May mAT: Quarter Finals [雪語] vs. [대트슈T]
    2017 May mAT: Semi Finals [雪語] vs. [EpQ]

  14. 5 months ago

    How to throw finals 1st minute :D

    [Rudi] vs. [chmp] SR 1
    [Rudi] vs. [Vk] SR 3
    [Rudi] vs. [SHOP] SR 4
    [Rudi] vs. [XXY] Finals

    I hope there will be some more ATs next month so teams could actually practice a bit.

  15. JornF

    Jun 18 Member

    maybe if Ra was at stand at some point in the finals match you could have killed them :/. Weird build choice imo

  16. Not as weird as who we put on which position! ^^

  17. 4 months ago


    Jul 10 Member

    7/10/17 C-AT

    C-AT Round 3 - [pce] vs [chmp] (MS Ele) Uncharted
    C-AT Round 2 - [pce] vs [GvG] (MS Ele) Wurms
    Unrated - [pce] vs [chmp] (Axe) Imperial
    Unrated 2 - [pce] vs [chmp] (Axe) Imperial

  18. Hi, who's that prot playing for [Vk] ? According to his guild tag he's from a guild of botters.


    Jul 14 Member

    It is the very iconic & cool and high energy @God of Arena, otherwise known as Shisha Fisto Marc.

  20. mAT with Last Train To [GvG] playing fuse.

    Playoffs [GvG] vs. [FpO] , Isle of Solitude
    Semi Finals [GvG] vs. [pce] , Isle of Wurms

  21. Luv

    Jul 20 Member

    Games from todays' scrims session. Some difficulties adapting to targetting allies with keyboard hence the flops

    Scrims Session - Game 1
    Scrims Session - Game 2
    Scrims Session - Game 3
    Scrims Session - Game 4
    Scrims Session - Game 5
    Scrims Session - Game 6
    Scrims Session - Game 7

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