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  2. 5 months ago

    How to throw finals 1st minute :D

    [Rudi] vs. [chmp] SR 1
    [Rudi] vs. [Vk] SR 3
    [Rudi] vs. [SHOP] SR 4
    [Rudi] vs. [XXY] Finals

    I hope there will be some more ATs next month so teams could actually practice a bit.

  3. JornF

    Jun 18 Member

    maybe if Ra was at stand at some point in the finals match you could have killed them :/. Weird build choice imo

  4. Not as weird as who we put on which position! ^^

  5. 4 months ago


    Jul 10 Member

    7/10/17 C-AT

    C-AT Round 3 - [pce] vs [chmp] (MS Ele) Uncharted
    C-AT Round 2 - [pce] vs [GvG] (MS Ele) Wurms
    Unrated - [pce] vs [chmp] (Axe) Imperial
    Unrated 2 - [pce] vs [chmp] (Axe) Imperial

  6. Hi, who's that prot playing for [Vk] ? According to his guild tag he's from a guild of botters.


    Jul 14 Member

    It is the very iconic & cool and high energy @God of Arena, otherwise known as Shisha Fisto Marc.

  8. mAT with Last Train To [GvG] playing fuse.

    Playoffs [GvG] vs. [FpO] , Isle of Solitude
    Semi Finals [GvG] vs. [pce] , Isle of Wurms

  9. Luv

    Jul 20 Member

    Games from todays' scrims session. Some difficulties adapting to targetting allies with keyboard hence the flops

    Scrims Session - Game 1
    Scrims Session - Game 2
    Scrims Session - Game 3
    Scrims Session - Game 4
    Scrims Session - Game 5
    Scrims Session - Game 6
    Scrims Session - Game 7

  10. I enjoyed the scrims last night. Was really laid back.

  11. Honk

    Jul 21 Member

    "no one stopped me from playing panic or soul bind" XD

  12. Or stolen speed or Thumper...

    Anyways, lucky we didn't need a hexremove on our prot and they didn't degen our pet ;)

  13. Stark

    Jul 21 Member

    good stuff! makes me wanna play again

  14. Java

    Jul 21 Member

    fu Honk

  15. My contribution (dev hammer POV) :
    GvG Scrim #1
    GvG Scrim #2
    GvG Scrim #3
    GvG Scrim #4
    GvG Scrim #5

  16. Honk

    Jul 21 Member
    Edited 4 months ago by Honk

    @Java fu Honk


  17. Java

    Jul 21 Member

    @Honk ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    no invite. very rude

  18. Luv

    Jul 21 Member

    Today's scrims :) Had fun

    Scrims Session -- Game 8 (Mesmer)
    Scrims Session -- Game 9 (Mesmer)
    Scrims Session -- Game 10 (Mesmer)
    Scrims Session -- Game 11 (Mesmer)
    Scrims Session -- Game 12 (Mesmer)
    Scrims Session -- Game 13 (Ranger)
    Scrims Session -- Game 14 (Monk Flagger)
    Scrims Session -- Game 15 (Monk Flagger)
    Scrims Session -- Game 16 (Monk Flagger)

  19. 3 months ago

    Some scrims from today :
    GvG Scrim #1 - Dev Hammer Warrior
    GvG Scrim #2 - Evishock Warrior w/ Enraging Charge (NEW META???) : EXPLAINATIONS
    GvG Scrim #3 - Evishock Warrior

  20. 2 months ago


    mAT with The Last Train To [GvG], a spanish guild.

    SR vs. Bots
    SR vs. [CryS]
    PO vs. [MCGR]
    QF vs. [SHOP]

    The matches against [CryS] and [MCGR] are at least to some degree interesting. My favourite is [MCGR]'s illusion split mes.

  21. yesterday

    wsh bien gros

    Teamquitter is dead, but observe seems to be bugged af for this mAT so maybe someone who finds this post would like to watch a vod.

    SR1 [Fdp] vs. Botters
    SR3 [Fdp] vs. [QQ]
    SR4 [Fdp] vs. [xoxo]
    PO [Fdp] vs. Botters
    QF [Fdp] vs. [chmp] Memorial Entry
    SF [Fdp] vs. [RNMe]

    Funny to see that [xoxo] managed to cheese their way to gold with the 3 derv lord damage build.


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