Confession time [Qekz]

  1. last year

    Hello fellow GW-Players,

    It was a hard decision for me. Confessions are never easy, but my conscience has been getting to me more and more lately.

    For everyone who doesnt know me: I'm Hash 43 years old, computer programmer (yes i work from home, hence my online times :P). I consider myself a top RA player. One factor that also drove me to write these words, was the heartmoving confession of Fisto. I despised him before, but we seem to get along nowadays.

    Well now for the confession: Over the last years i have used alts to get an unfair advantage in RA. The temptation was just too high, I couldnt resist -.- But dont get me wrong syncing is legit - its just people pressing the enter button at the same time, nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean other people could do that too. It's still too bad that there is a cap on gladiator points, because we basically own RA the whole day. Farming bad teams can get boring at times also, so Id like to encourage other top players to sync more in RA that we of [Qekz] have more of a challengen in the future. Also a short mention at the end - yes some suspected it - i played with a botters a few times (not more than 3 times I swear)

    I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I will resist temptation from now on!
    See you ingame & enjoy RA :)

    With love

  2. getalyfe™

  3. Maik

    22 Jul 2016 Member

    Your name please?

  4. LOL

  5. @HashCute I consider myself a top RA player.


  6. I almost fell for this but then I realized it's just some nerd hiding on an alt account. LIKE ALWAYS.

    But at least I laughed xd.

  7. Obvious fake. Neither Hash's writing style nor his QQ account. "H A S H C U T E" (ing.) is an imposter.

  8. It's not like we hate you or anything Hashberry. It's just you absuse the Matchmaking system to get an unfair advantage in Random Arenas, which is clearly forbidden by ANET itself. People even got banned for manipulating matchmaking in the past. So your abusive behavior was treated the same as botting. For me syncers and botters are the same kind of abusive people and I absolutely not willing to tolerate this kind of behaivior, Im sorry.
    Now I understand that you want to confess your mistakes to make yourself better in the eyes of our community, but it's a little too late now. And I'd like mention that You are not only syncing all day in RA, but also botting quite actively. Some poeple provided evidence about it here in this Forum.

    And I don't think you can deny that at this point. Evidence is speaking for itself.

  9. blablabla

  10. @Lam3rz cringy tryhard troll stuff


  11. Wouldnt it be easier to just buy a blow-up doll, @OP?

  12. qekz are legit players but they sync too much in ra imo when i enter with my ranger i always face 3 x qekz

  13. hahaha I admit it is exaggerated, but there is a true core to it :)

    Those guys acting all elitist and mighty - just felt like writing this.
    Oh yeah and they obv. have too much time on their hands.

  14. I honestly cant remember a time ive ever lost to a qekz sync

  15. It's shit like this that makes me stay away from the game even though I'm still madly in love with it after all these yrs. When even something like Random Arenas, can't work properly and fullfill it's goal because of morons like the op, it's better to just pull the plug.

    If the Live Team were at least around to ban these clowns, hell, one single employee would be more than enough. Hope Mike O'Brien gets an arrow on the knee for being such nitwit.


  17. There is a statistical tendency when facing qekz syncs to get a 3/3 team. I'll make screens from now on to prove that :D. One thing I discovered is there is always an individual named Hash in the team when that happens.

    Maybe coincidence, but i srsly dont think so :P

  18. didnt fisto sync gvg champoints?
    fucking ra players lmao so bad

  19. who cares about GW dead game nerds

  20. nice troll clowns

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