Is RA dead?

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    You need to learn how to play in a team. Your characterization of valid and necessary criticism being "whining like a baby" is infantile.

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    "Whining like a baby" is an accurate description on what you do on ts.

    Just relax and calm down. Don't be mad all the time. Everything will be fine.

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  6. When there are many restaurants in your area and they mess up or are generally crap, you can rant and repeatedly call the cook/"chef" a moron, leave and never come back again.

    But when you only have a few restaurants in your area, if you want to have a better dining experience without moving to a different city or cooking everything for yourself (or resorting to Bot Ramen ;) ), the first approach is unlikely to help you achieve your goals. Unless of course you enjoy ranting more than dining. Constructive criticism would help more.

    As for camping one target, I'm not a good player but my understanding is that In the absence of significant prots, camping one target works well for melee builds with high sustained dps (e.g. some derv builds), because switching targets often reduces melee DPS significantly. Melee builds that have more of a burst/spike DPS can switch when their chain is done and not really lose much. For ranged damage, it's often good to mix things up and use a damage skill on some other target. If you just hit one target it's easier for the monks to get close to their max/optimal heal/prot. They are less likely to waste skills on the wrong target and have to wait for recharge or use a less effective skill on the "right target". Even better if the fuse infuses the target you weren't actually going to spike anyway- if an ele's attunements are up, Lightning Strike + Shell Shock still costs less than an Infuse Health :P.

  7. @Stark "Whining like a baby" is an accurate description on what you do on ts.


    Lol. I didnt know people are still this sensitive about losing in this game. I had callers with worse attitude in the past tho

  8. -image-

  9. Zurrie throwing matches non stop and blaming each other... a classic!
    Btw if anyone wanna understand Mr. Highest Rank in Game secrets, just join the game at dead hours (aprox 3-4 a.m) and look how Zurrie's teams are constantly facing groups with 1, 2 or even 3 afk players from True.
    Kinda suspicious, no?


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