2016 August Monthly

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    20 Aug 2016 Administrator
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    That time of the month again. Who will get disabled? Who will get most dcs? Who will run most bots? Find out today.

    Oh and gl to everyone.

    All monthly recordings/vods can be found here .

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    Congrats to [rip], well played
    Although there were a lot of long drawn out matches without much happening, was great that there was a lot of competition. It's been a long while since there's been this many great guilds at once.

  3. Godly

    20 Aug 2016 Administrator

    ^agreed, also whole month have been quite active imo. I'm still going to say, it's only because it's not another ele flux!

    Oh and no dc:s either, at least didn't hear anything about game deciding dc:s happening. Quite good monthly overall by todays standards.

    Gz [rip] btw.

  4. leny

    20 Aug 2016 Member

    was a fun day boyz
    GGs [rip]

  5. Luv

    21 Aug 2016 Member

    Good mAT everyone! Had a fun time with WoT, bunch of interesting matches (:
    Rather surprised VN ran AoD in finals instead of their usual dual mesmer, but it was still a good game!
    Congrats to rip for winning!

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  7. -image-

  8. Godly

    21 Aug 2016 Administrator

    I(and some people from Mean) added some matches to buildwars.net from swiss rounds. If there's anything that needs to be fixed or people know what skills I'm missing, please tell. I can fix those later.

    Will add elims matches later as there will be more time to add those.

  9. butters

    21 Aug 2016 Moderator

    Another mat thread with no trash talk, you guys are pathetic

  10. butters

    21 Aug 2016 Moderator

    Proof VN cant win unless its a dead mat

  11. butters

    21 Aug 2016 Moderator

    Gz to 4 americans winning keep it up

  12. Lemstar

    21 Aug 2016 Administrator


  13. @butters Proof VN cant win unless its a dead mat

    the year is 2016. VN wipes rip at minute 15, pushes into their base and kills only the bodyguard. Literally. No footies no knights no nothing. deserved loss fucking euros

  14. Ali

    22 Aug 2016 Member


  15. Ali

    22 Aug 2016 Member

    Saint Annea was actually playing for our team

  16. Godly

    22 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Watched the vod now, was obvious mistake as there was 15 sec left with body still untouched. Rip still had 2 monks alive at their base and even though VN took both down quite fast, it still wasted enough time. Also "lets end it/we can end it", was called way before that though, however it's not too uncommon to think there's enough time to end it.

    Obviously everyone knows by now, should have just take npc and back off safely before base ress. It wasn't bad call when there was still time, the mistake was not to back off when there wasn't enough time after they killed those 2 monks.

  17. Edited last year by JornF

    Ya i would have done knights and collapse for time kills. Not sure how much time they had left when all this went down, so maybe collapsing wasnt an option iono.

  18. Seems like rip's frontdoor Archer was the MVP to me.

  19. Ali

    22 Aug 2016 Member

    He put elran to shame with his big plays

  20. Edited last year by You Better Rof

    First of all... Aod is boring shit. Idk why we even played it, cuz we did beat every aod with spammes dommes comb.

    2. it was maybe a bad day for Jonas, calling the lordrush and not going back to our base, but still hes a good Player- every 1 got bad days... No 1 of our Team blamed him, neither should some random do it here on QQ - gz rip btw
    Funny... I guess most of our members won back in the days their gold allrdy when you tried to get into playoffs - keep going boy:)

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