QeKz false reporting for leecher

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  2. sync

    22 Aug 2016 Member

    You play in a bot guild, who the fuck would care if you can't RA?

  3. isn't this the child molester that everyone hated anyways

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  5. @Elsa Disney Frozen That's quite an accusation, there. You have any evidence to back it up?
    Libelous acts can get you in trouble!

    Didn't you admit it?

  6. Ali

    23 Aug 2016 Member


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    The few times I played vs you, you appeared to be quite the douche, so I'm not surprised they ganged up on you. That said, if you intentionally refused to play with them/flamed them for syncing, don't come whining to the forums then.
    That said n2, you're in an ally with botter garbos, sync with botting garbos, and you wanna complain about legit players, syncing aside?
    Seems to me the report function is working as intended.

    p.s. How about you instead put your upload bandwidth to a good use and record how your ally/guildies bot continuously in RA, huh?
    Ye I thought so.

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    Elsa you are literally the biggest oiece of trash/asshole in RA. I hope QeKz ganks you every match you enter. This is the same guy complaining when people dont kick teams with dual monk. You deserve any trashing coming to you.
    And of course not to mention you GvG and RA with botters.

  11. i remember elsa flaming about botters but joining Tzunami Futures (botture) guild

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  14. Need a tissue?

  15. Godly

    23 Aug 2016 Administrator

    So let me get this straight. You complain you get falsely reported by known syncers and you play in infamous bot guild yourself? I bet you won't get any love by shouting about it in here.

    And well, you might not be botting yourself, but at very least you approve it by playing/being in that guild.

  16. Elsa you have a problem. You have problem with random players, you have problem with sync team, you have problem with alts, you have problem with bots...you have problem with everyone in the game. Best part is you are in a bot guild, yet you still have a problem..now according to you is the whole GW community causing the problem or are you the one creating the problem? i have been observing you for the past 2-3 years. A complete drama queen ....AKA gw no got talent

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  18. Are you sure that's the real QeKz? I remember some nerd made a fake one and even bought a silver trim for it.

  19. Godly

    23 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Well I'm only reading this to kill my boredom, I play RA like once in 4 years. I'm no expert on this topic and I don't really care what happens in RA. However my honest opinion is, you won't achieve anything else than making yourself even more clown by posting in here. If that's your goal then continue by all means :)

  20. Actually he is one of the clows who created that fake, but yeah real qekz is reporting him for being a pathetic hypocrite (in the link he pinged you can see how he is clearly syncing)
    Now you can go to call your botter friends and turn your alts on.. you will keep being reported for obvious reasons.


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