[BorN] lf active gvg-coreplayers

  1. last year

    Hey everyone!

    We are currently looking for some new friendly players.


    • Front
    • Mid
    • Backline

    Req: no botter/flamer, you need ts + microphone

    For further information pls contact (ingame): Zack Zeroni, Eryn Isilya

  2. Let me correct that:

    @Zack Zeroni Need:

    Spike ranger

    Good luck guys! Very nice germans and they have the meanest spike in Guild Wars!

  3. Godly

    10 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Seems like a quite chill bunch of people, hopefully next time I guest to you guys I won't be dead tired :)


  4. good luck fellas.

  5. Good luck guys!

  6. Crazy Germans, but fun and friendly.


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