An open apology

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    Hello guys, I have rough times in real life right now. I barely got the time to play like before, nevertheless I think I have to to write this.

    I would like to write this Open Apology to anyone who I might have hurt in some way. Yes people I used bots again and I can't deny it any longer at this point. Im so sorry about this. If I could turn back time I would, but unfortunately I can't.

    But before you go, hear me out why I started botting again.

    First of all,

    Im not trying to excuse myself with it. What I've done can't be undone and I know it. But please try to understand why I've done it.

    I really wanted to win mAT in my own guild and I only used Partywindow, I didn't use rupter bot.I had to use Partywindow cuz I know several top tier players were using it aswell and It would give them an unfair advantage. But It wouldn't have mattered anyway if I used it or not. We had a really good team and won mAT. Partywindow didn't give me any advantage if you ask me now and I regret using it at all.

    I only started using rupter bot after mAT just to troll people and yes im sorry about it...
    But don't you think we could at least use bots vs other botter teams like SHOP/THAI, True? I mean these guys are garbage and deserved to be treated this way.
    These guilds are real botters and not me, I just did it to troll. Please understand.

    So please, don't ignore me. I still can play on a dervish/warrior position if you would like to play with me and want to make sure im not using rupter bot.

    Once again, Im sorry.
    Please forgive me. <3

    Your Zynkh

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    I think I'm going to throw up...

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  5. leny

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    lol nvm nice fake

  6. "Just to troll", such a fruitless excuse

    Do people bot & cheat, win a match and say after: "oh just kidding lmao im such a troll"

    The match is over. You cheated and it impacted the outcome of the game. Tough luck bud, your reputation is now in stake

    "The real botters are SHOP/THAI, True?"

    And what of FAPS, REKM, and their corollary? What about now? Is there a distinction between a "real botter" and a "trolling botter"?

    You're constantly attempting to create excuses for yourself where no excuse is warranted

    lmao at this backstabbing community

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    I don't know who made this but it's hilarious haha, great one I'd say! Even stole my Facebook photo. It's weird cus' you can't see the ''Join date'' and can't even use the same user-names, so shotout to the admins of the forum for trying to make more non-sense drama.

    Partywindow on dervish and warrior.


  8. Non-sense drama? How about not botting? You got busted, hypocrite.

  9. Sorry Lam3rz, you're irrelevant, keep trying to sync with 3 alts, botting on them.

  10. Why you even talk hypocrite? You bot yourself. @sync busted you so hard. Im afraid you are irrelevant to legit gvg players now.

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    I don't care if I'm irrelevant to legit players, although golds are worthless now I won 3, you have done nothing but syncing and botting RA for over almost 12 years and even in GvG you had 5 people botting on your team. If you're trying to troll atleast learn how to do it properly and make sure you achieved something before talking again. This goes to all the RA trolls that keep making alt accounts.

    So keep having fun on your basement stalking people such as Karla Grey, Fisto, etc


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    And also everyone knows you bot GW scum @Lam3rz. I only used bots to troll and Partywindow isn't even a bot. Everyone uses it.

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  15. TheNap

    30 Sep 2016 Moderator

    A for effort

  16. A+ for botting and getting away with it.

  17. --> for Pve that way

  18. Nice try f*cking botter. I saw you botting everydays in RA and still losing like a f*cking failer.

  19. sync

    30 Sep 2016 Member

    @Zynkh I won't say stupid shit like the last time (nerds, irrelevant, blahblah)

    @Zynkh Sorry Lam3rz, you're irrelevant

  20. TheNap

    30 Sep 2016 Moderatorуnkh/1

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