It aint much if it aint [Flux] project needs people

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  3. We might need a Fuse monk for the AT. We put our Tinderarmy on 100%, but our fuse is still M.I.A. :(

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  5. Im not sure what the reason is for your being kicked from flux, but from what i know of you it shouldnt be your fault at all. So im asking Ra i guess what happened?!

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    Please ignore the non-sense drama of Random Arenas and invite this guy back.

  9. If this guy is Mad Jaguar/Profounds Enigma or w/e, he used to be in THAI, so he knew Tzunami was botting.

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    Anonymous: I shouldn't be scapegoated for what other people do in Random Arenas. And I left that group anyways.

  11. Alright, Thanks guys for clogging up this thread again. We are maybe still looking for a fuse for the mAT btw ;) and Guild Wars have this very nice PM feature and it is very useful. There is also this drama thread somewhere where you can post your drama about RA. This isn't a thread for that.

    For everyone interested, I sent Jag a pm again after we talked yesterday about it. I don't need all this in here with half truths (from other people in this thread aswell!) while we can just talk it out in person like men instead of causing drama.

    Anyways, I will be stricter with the people being invited. Recently a lot of people have been invited and while this guild is meant to invite friends and people who like to play GvG or get back into GvG again, we have lots of active people now. Which means I had to bench guildies to play the AT. Because there are so many people active in this guild at the moment I can't give everyone enough attention, while still running this guild. I can't screen the people being invited, nor give them the necessary advice (for GvG and whatever).

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    Amount of off-topic posts are astounding nowadays. @Ra  I will gladly nuke any off-topic posts from this thread now on if you want. Also like it was mentioned, if people need to point out something(create drama) there's always lots of other options(new thread etc).

    I know this is Quitter, but how about we don't turn it to completely garbage yard.

  14. Good luck with finding any decent monks! Most if not all are shit with huge ego and no skills to back it up.

  15. I had a cheese & pickle sandwich for lunch today & had a wank in work time. I also have a pet goshawk called Ralph, I also like pistachio nuts & my boots fucking stink. PS OFFTOPIC I apply for the heal monk position.

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  17. leny

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    wrck this mAT bbys <3

  18. Miss you LENY! <3

  19. 10 months ago
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    The long wait is over and [Flux] will return to the battle fields!

    We will need some honorable and exciting enemies to match our skills and builds so it would be nice if the guilds which would reform or the teams who will have to fill up their lost players make some space for learners in their teams or people who aren't active at the moment because they aren't in a core. Maybe try to get some old friends back, since somewhere everyone still enjoys playing Guild Wars.

    There isn't much left of Guild Wars and below the top pretty much everything has died since [Flux] disbanded. I hope teams would be open to take in some people they might not really know yet, since there are still many cool people left in this game.

    Edit: Title is misleading. We don't need more people in our core ;)

  20. leny

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  21. 9 months ago

    Need a flagger for mat this saturday!


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