1. 5 months ago
    Edited 3 months ago by Luv

    Hey, I think I'll probably be able to play December mAT so I'm looking for a spot. I'm willing to play anything.
    Preferably with people I know. pm me here, I don't have the game installed

  2. butters

    Oct 15 Moderator

    you can play all of singles now

  3. wat?

  4. 6 round swiss

  5. Oh shit, ok yeah then all singles
    Maybe last round of Swiss too

  6. Come MAT we need a monk??

  7. 3 months ago

    Bump, updated OP

  8. Gl u sexy dumpling

  9. wanna play the first few rounds lucas xoxo??????

  10. gl love you

  11. gl love u too

  12. Godly

    Dec 16 Administrator

    Shuddup Honk - Luv

  13. Last minute bump, apparently np doesn't play :P


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