Old player LF guild

  1. last year
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    Just came back to GW
    I pvped from 2009-2013ish.
    I have champ1 for whatever thats worth
    Can play frontline, any midliner, and Flag too but have to practice it again. No backline
    IGN: Wittle Skittle, Skittle Goes Pro

  2. Good luck!

  3. so after playing gw again for a week i found out only euros play now??? this is my worst nightmare

  4. Luv

    27 Oct 2016 Member

    Welcome to Germany

  5. Americans play but teams are already set. You're best bet is getting in with the non-top euro teams or GvG mentor projects that go on.

  6. could try [WORK] but apparently they wont play til december? they are NA aswell. i guess check their recruitment thread on QQ

  7. or you could join a [pug]...


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