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  1. last year
    Sun Jul 3 02:12:03 2016

    @Curiousity I'm kidding it was a joke sorry if you took our fun fact seriously. We aren't as delusional as zurrie yet.

    derp xd, doubt anyone wanna be as delusional as him hahahaha

  2. Fri Jul 1 14:18:51 2016

    @Curiousity Good old pally sworn to secrecy.

    Eh? Not sure if ur actual being serious now or ur just messing around.

  3. Fri Jul 1 04:44:42 2016

    Soooo, ye. Cool fun fact u got there :') Never knew ncsoft and us made an agreement on winning gold! Guess u learn something new every day. (Sneaky edit...i presume it's a troll..i mean 2002 as date xd)

  4. Thu May 26 01:05:12 2016
    Pally posted in 2016 May Monthly.

    Damn, people are still so serious in this game.

  5. Wed Mar 2 02:08:58 2016

    People still whine about botters, nothing has changed here :')

  6. 2 years ago
    Thu Oct 15 07:46:02 2015
    Pally posted in Top 5 players in Guild Wars.

    5 People from my guild i guess.
    I don't log on enough or even obs anymore to judge others xD

  7. Thu Oct 15 07:42:24 2015
    Pally joined the forum.