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    And since syncers have higher rating than any guild today due to ladder not being reset

    How does a ladder reset help? The syncers are the ones who are "playing" the most and so their "winning guilds" will gain rank the fastest.

    If you think about it a bit more properly, the syncers aren't actually stopping you from getting ladder games. If nobody else but the syncers are playing it's no surprise you only match up with a syncer. That syncers leave before entering is because Anet changed things to prevent/penalize them from resigning or leaving after entering.

    If there were actually real guilds in ladder you'd eventually encounter them. When the syncers match their targets they will "play" for 5 minutes, whereas you will spend about 90 seconds for each "syncer left" match, so if there are non-sync guilds waiting in ladder the odds are you'd eventually match with them.

    BUT after playing with a non-sync guild you need to wait X matches or Y minutes before you can play with that same guild again. I've heard some say that X=5.

    So if somehow all the syncers vanish, ladder will still be dead except maybe during AT times. Just look at FA and AB - those formats are only active for some events. Everyone says they want to play GVG/AB/FA but the fact is that will only happen when enough are on. Think about it - how often do those GvG scrimmages happen despite some people saying they'll play?

    Before the PvP changes when I was with EDGE we used to ladder regularly and we'd mostly get syncers, then once in a long while we'd get a real game with another guild and usually lose, but we didn't care ( and once in a while we'd win, yay! :P ). Then the GW algorithm will prevent us from playing with that other guild till X matches/Y minutes. So we'd have X+ more dud matches with syncers; eventually give up then the next day we'd ladder again and maybe have a real game with the same real guild or some other real guild.

    After Anet "fixed" things and effectively forced the syncers to leave without entering that made it hard for us to get those X matches. So we couldn't get any real ladder games (even if another real guild was waiting) and neither could the few other real guilds that laddered, thus ladder died. Yeah we could scrimmage, but scrimmages don't keep ladder active do they?

    Most of the GvG guilds appear to be quite fussy (relatively). it's unlikely the fussy guilds will be able to keep ladder active since they will tend to wait for a full team with better players. With so few around what are the odds that you'd have 16 of such people at about the same time?

    Perhaps you'd succeed then you'll get one match. But you won't get another match on ladder, if there's just two guilds and the 16 of you. You won't get those X matches unless you can find X other guilds. You could switch to alt-guilds, but you'd likely run out of alt-guilds unless you're one of the syncers ;).

    So the next day fewer people show up and ladder is dead again.

    If you don't understand how things work, please don't give Anet any suggestions. Seems like most (all?) of the people with a clue about GW1 have already left the GW1 team. So if you make stupid suggestions and they implement them, it's just going to make things worse.

    For example, I've seen extremely stupid suggestions asking Joe Kimmes/Anet to stop syncers from putting "dummy" teams into AT or similar. But the same controls that would do that would also stop legit teams from putting "dummy" teams so that they can play AT/MAT despite there not actually being enough real guilds. When was the last MAT without any dummy teams? So how many ATs/MATs would there have been if dummy teams were successfully prevented from entering ATs/MAT? Of course if the real motive was to kill off GvG then it's not so stupid.

    p.s. Joe Kimmes has said "I'm presently unable to change the matchmaking mechanics."

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    Well if you need energy management maybe next month you could flux a D/Rt and use Eremite's Zeal for main team emgmt (just need 3 enemies in earshot to max out). Then you can use imbue for a big heal and you might even be able to successfully cast Life at least once vs a camping Ranger ;)
    I haven't tested the above build- I personally think rits are weaker (vs wastrels backfire etc) but if you want to play them maybe something like this might work better nowadays.

    Last month I had fun with something like this in Fort Aspenwood (might be more fun with two of these in GvG :) )

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    OK no Japanese girls but still involves the Pacific Rim and metal ;)

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