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  1. 5 days ago
    Fri Mar 24 12:58:52 2017
    Stark posted in Music Thread - Reloaded.

    That Yung Hurn guy is really talented. Der Jüngling ist nichts dagegen.

  2. last week
    Fri Mar 17 08:16:41 2017
    Stark started the conversation LF MAT.

    LF MAT
    Prot or Fuse
    pm: Stark Life

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Mar 15 07:07:14 2017
    Stark posted in 4v4 Play.

    It was about :

    Some1 had very nice idea here. Put an character named "Team arena" in gtob. Do a script that sends you auto guest invite to guild hall when you inv him to party. In guest gh PPL can do scrims.

    See discord for more info :)

  4. Wed Mar 15 04:03:10 2017
    Stark posted in 4v4 Play.

    It doesn't work because no one wants to run his PC 24 7

  5. Fri Mar 10 11:09:45 2017
    Stark posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @Bot Or Afk Let X be the list of all lists that are not listing their own list.
    If X is listed in X then X is not listed in X.
    if X isn't listed in X then X is listed in X.

    That's some real Kurt Gödel shit right there. N1

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 7 03:52:42 2017
    Stark posted in Yet another botting drama?.

  7. Mon Mar 6 13:35:11 2017
    Stark posted in Official shitposting thread.


  8. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 24 12:26:23 2017

    But well I guess it's hard for the likes of you to accept that I'm not only more skilled, but also know more about the bots you're running.

  9. Fri Feb 24 12:05:30 2017

    @Straham I told you to stop typing, is that hard for you? I guess it's harder than sucking dicks, am I right?
    You have ZERO, Z E R O idea on how these things work.

    Please kill yourself. If you don't, give explanations (thats how arguments work) or stfu.
    "I coded bots - look at me, I know how games work" - guys like you are a disgrace to every compiler.

    It has been shown by every post you made, that you can't build a point.
    That makes you just a meaningless imposter.
    Grow some brain - and balls, since you only post anonymously.

    And now go make another throw away post, about me sucking players dick, even tho I don't even play the game anymore.

  10. Fri Feb 24 04:52:41 2017

    @Straham Mister Stark I coded bots that means I know how they work, keep doing what you are best at, sucking dick from "top" players and stop typing if you have zero idea

    @kaplan (?)

    Mister Straham you suck at gw + programming. stop typing if you have zero idea

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