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    Sun Apr 2 13:51:58 2017
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    Fri Mar 17 05:44:42 2017
    Y You Better Rof posted in 4v4 Play.

    Because matches will take place without external observers (referees), all team members are requested to carefully read the rules set out below.

    In order to avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements, at least one member of the team is required to take screenshots of the match, including a screenshot of the score chart with character names (clearly) displayed and legible.
    The tournament matches will take place on Uncharted Isle. Players can reach the designated battlefield (the red area in the picture below) by following the route from the back exit of the lord room. The battlefield starts after the last stair of the staircase. The three staircases mark the border of the battlefield and players are not allowed to cross until the match has begun (the staircases thus are NOT part of the battlefield). Leaving the designated area may lead to disqualification.

    Additional rules:

    1. Every match begins when the timer hits minute 1:00 and this is when you enter the match area, no earlier and no later than ~10 secs after that. You may use skills such as veil, attunements etc., before the start of the match. The match ends exactly at minute 9:00.

    If no members of a team are left standing within the battlefield, the opposing team is the winner.
    If both teams are left standing when the timer reaches 9:00, the team with the higher morale wins.
    If both teams scored a single kill, the team that scored the last kill wins.
    If neither team manages to score a kill before 9:00 the match ends in a draw and both teams receive 0 points.

    2. Base resurrection: Players resurrected at their base may reenter the match area and continue the match.

    3. If player(s) disconnect before the match has started, the match has to be played again.
    If player(s) disconnect after the timer hits minute 1:00, the teams may play a rematch, if they both agree to do so. If not, the match continues normally. If teams decide to take a rematch, the time limit is set to 5 minutes instead of 9 minutes in order to avoid delays in the match-up shedule.

    4. If a team forfeits a match, all matches (be it victories or losses) count as losses. The team is moved to the bottom of the ranking and will not receive any rewards.

    5. Teams may bring no more than one monk.

    6. If a team suspects the opposing team violated any rules listed above, members of the former team can take a screenshot of the violation and contact a referee after the match. Players are requested to first finish their matches in case of possible violations.

  3. Fri Mar 17 05:44:04 2017
    Y You Better Rof posted in 4v4 Play.

    Some 1 could start something like this: http://booo.forumieren.com/t252-sign-up-here-saturday-10th-of-nov-4pm-gmt

  4. 5 months ago
    Fri Nov 18 14:37:22 2016
    Y You Better Rof started the conversation LF mAT.

    Hi ... lf mAT

    Just leave a Message in this Thread - ty

    You Better Rof / Draw Draw Draw

  5. 7 months ago
    Sun Sep 18 01:35:24 2016
    Y You Better Rof posted in 2016 September Monthly.

    Well Maverick... Seems like luv figured out the new aod Meta... Its more effective to camp the fuse... Since all of your prots doing nothing... Only deepwound isnt enough rc healing. My Team said they Spiked the Boss many times... After watching luv Stream it seems different. He nearly died by autoattack at stand.... No 1 did touch him after. I will count the kd's on me... Thats maybe even more kd's then playing gw for the last 10 years in total :-D

  6. 8 months ago
    Mon Aug 22 08:56:55 2016
    Y You Better Rof posted in 2016 August Monthly.

    First of all... Aod is boring shit. Idk why we even played it, cuz we did beat every aod with spammes dommes comb.

    2. it was maybe a bad day for Jonas, calling the lordrush and not going back to our base, but still hes a good Player- every 1 got bad days... No 1 of our Team blamed him, neither should some random do it here on QQ - gz rip btw
    Funny... I guess most of our members won back in the days their gold allrdy when you tried to get into playoffs - keep going boy:)

  7. Wed Aug 10 03:10:43 2016
    Y You Better Rof posted in Jaffai lf mAT.


    Nice Player :)

  8. Wed Aug 10 03:09:11 2016
    Y You Better Rof posted in Chaos lfg.

    Brandon ?????????? <3

  9. 10 months ago
    Tue Jun 21 13:54:01 2016
    Y You Better Rof posted in Best monks .

    @Realist_Player The "so call" best monks in gw are jokes. Ofc any shit monks will be top monks if their team can kill shit. Get carry much? Gtfo of here.

    Why to they kill so fast? Cuz they clean your front and dont flag on damage?

  10. Tue Jun 21 13:47:04 2016
    Y You Better Rof posted in THE "BOTTERS" LOOKING FOR ALLY/FUN.

    + in ats we won all Games flawless vs your Botmesmer with 8 rupts. And in mAT u fucked up in splitting. The ppl in your Guild doesnt have any skill or brain. Your Bot carried the Guild ! Running flag on waterele - cmon???

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