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  1. 7 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:02:28 2017
    Godly changed another oldy's group to Member.
  2. 10 months ago
    Tue Jan 17 11:47:45 2017
    another oldy posted in Community stance on botting.

    Well since I don't care who is playing where.. let me ask you one thing:

    If a person is known for using a ruptbot - who is giving you the guarantee that said person is not using a bulls-, cancelbot or any other known bot?
    It is known that more bots than ruptbots exist which can still be used on non mesmer roles.
    I'm not saying he is using those.. but it's hard to get right of those thoughts when the person is already branded as botter.

  3. Thu Dec 29 08:12:35 2016
    another oldy posted in GvG for beginners - Teaching project.

    Can you stop whining about the AT's? We sometimes even struggle having 16 people for teaching/casual scrims and you want those people to AT... who do they AT with? There might be more people online, but this is no assurance that enough people would play the AT.
    Despite this the possibly long waiting time between games and the chance of facing afk/bot guilds is another turn off for a ton of people.
    Just stick to the teaching/casual scrims till new year and if you want change so badly than do it there! You can try and play each scrim from a different hall to have the same effect as in an AT - so people might even change builds, because the map doesn't benefit the build.

  4. Tue Dec 27 21:46:39 2016
    another oldy posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    I'm chill. In fact I'm not the one quoting a ton of stuff to make himself look less like a clown. :P
    You should just man up and admit that you're a hypocrite instead of picking a ton of stuff out of context and even stating false stuff like "gay shit"-comments that never happend just to make yourself look good.

    Anyhow I'm out for today, but we can continue once I need another good laugh. pz

  5. Tue Dec 27 21:20:31 2016
    another oldy posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    Guess I hit a soft spot..
    We don't criticise people for running multiple Eles, Dervs, 3 Monks or even Paragons with BiP. We just thought it's hilarious how 3 Monks and BiP on top of it can't keep you guys alive even tho we ran the "inferior" builds.
    On top of that we probably had only 1 real guild match on uncharted and weren't even fighting at the stand - so no clue what you are talking about.
    But keep trying.. this is hilarious as fuck. :D

  6. Tue Dec 27 20:58:16 2016
    another oldy posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    @Nick Except equipment is meant to be part of the game. I'm pretty sure standing next to a particular wall in particular spots to block projectiles from any angle and distance regardless of line of sight is not meant to be part of the game

    Do you use the pvp strenght shield whenever you don't spec into tactics? You probably do as from what I know about you.
    It's also a bug.. not as big as this one, but still a bug.

    Stop being a hypocrite

  7. Tue Dec 27 20:42:47 2016
    another oldy posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    @Nick or maybe some people don't want to abuse really bad bugs in scrims

    Might as well go in without equipment. No sense in handicapping yourself

  8. Tue Dec 27 20:22:49 2016
    another oldy posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    You played on uncharted at the freaking flag stand which is the easiest place ever to fight a ranger in gvg.
    You sit in the bridge bug, laugh about the ranger and cast everything without problems...
    Everyone who isn't doing so is an idiot and from what you are saying you probably didn't do it. So could you just shut your arrogant mouth, cause everything you say let's you look even more retarded. :)

  9. Tue Dec 27 08:12:16 2016
    another oldy posted in BB-scrim builds.

    @Ra ; Looks solid! Haha I played the tainter once in the bb-scrims. Didn't really work out because everyone was running around on frozen ;'(

    There was 1 Team having a split mesmer (nick). My team had a Necro with FF and we wiped you guys around the 2Min mark.

  10. Mon Dec 26 20:56:34 2016
    another oldy posted in Guest List - AT/Teaching/BB/Scrims.

    IGN: Last Minute Wipe/Akemi on Tour
    Timezone: Euro
    Roles: Anything but Frontline.
    Guild: Violent Thunder Squirrels [SqrL]
    Guest for AT?: yes if my guild isn't playng

    Interested in Normal Scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Banned Battles scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Teaching Scrims? Yes
    Teacher or Learner?: Runner Teacher
    What I want to learn: Rusty on some Classes (could def. improve as Prot-Monk)

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