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  1. 11 months ago
    Sat Dec 17 18:41:45 2016
    Max posted in 2016 December Monthly.

    Best player of the MAT?


    Not even Gimli conduct his hammer like that!

  2. Mon Dec 5 12:07:42 2016
    Max posted in THE QUESTIONS.

    @thewar why nobody made a thread about ali protting GER spikes like a champ ? after most of monks failed to prot the spikes ?

    The question should be: Why Smoki always using infuse 1 sec before the spike is even coming?!?

    @thewar why guilds like SHOP have more than 3 bots on team and they never managed to win a single game or get to finals ?

    Only 3 Bots?!
    They are following the honorcode "always 1legit player + 7 bots."

    @thewar where is exile ?

    Exile? Who the fvck is she? Anybody knows her?

    Hi Smoki.


  3. last year
    Sun Nov 13 17:34:03 2016

    Sasha Grey´s booty, bigger then Exiles Future.

    really hawt.

  4. Sun Oct 23 04:00:56 2016
    Max posted in Music Thread - Reloaded.

    Natasha Bedingfield feat Klatti

  5. Sun Oct 16 02:51:14 2016
    Max posted in 2016 October Monthly.

    @Ali Grats to SHOP on reaching playoffs

    The placement is exactly up to my expectations.

    @Stark They used the map perfectly against your build. They deserved the gold cape.

    I agree, at the begnning I was a bit scared after their Infuse had 30 DP but they act really good.
    They changed position from Infuse and Flagger and fixed that problem.
    Tactical maneuvers are over my expectations.
    All in all you can say "they played BIG".

    Im just a bit disappointed about [bdK], i would reall like to see them in Finals..
    Dont know why they played dual ranger.


  6. Wed Sep 7 06:47:17 2016

    Of course Botters and Blacklisted Player are not allowed!