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    Tue Mar 14 11:43:56 2017
    Ariana posted in Last Man Standing.

    If I can prove that I'm in law school will you prove that you are not a man? @Ishtli

  2. Tue Mar 14 11:35:23 2017
    Ariana posted in Last Man Standing.

    Is anyone going to tell her that link isn't working or do I have to

  3. Tue Mar 14 11:25:16 2017
    Ariana posted in Last Man Standing.

    @Ishtli #obsessed

    Bonus points if you prove you're not a man irl

  4. Tue Mar 14 11:18:03 2017
    Ariana posted in Last Man Standing.

    1. @Anonymous: Prove you're not Windrider Tormentor (or Paradox Personation or Raffy Yffar) and just say who you are on GW instead of always harassing me anonymously. Then in return for that I promise that I'll delete my main's GW characters and not log on the game with it again. I know you think I am not trustworthy that is why I am posting this publicly so everyone can hold me accountable if I don't do come through.

    2. To @Sistrens: if you can prove that you are not the same person as 'Bahita Nabsjoo', that you have never shared accounts with others to help conceal any identity of someone, then in return for that since you hate me too I'll delete all my alts and never ever log on anymore, never log on teamquitter anymore aswell, etc. If that is not enough for you then let me know what you would want and I'll do that.

    Only condition is I have to be satisfied that a friend or even a paid person is not covering up for you.

  5. Tue Mar 14 09:34:29 2017
    Ariana posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    @Kishi The job of a moderator is to... moderate ?

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 13 21:52:20 2017
    Ariana posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    The drama that happened: where everyone on GW in RA and some on this website were saying it was obvious that you and Bahita were the same person. It's no coincidence that just a day later your account, Sistrens was seen continuously with Bahita, so do you think we're all that stupid? Had Hashberry, you know, the person you were syncing with up until that drama happened for however long, also been in the team then there would be no issue. But Hashberry noticeably wasn't online that week which is unusual for him since his life is literally RA. Hence, 3 accounts, 2 people.

    And I don't understand what you're saying in the rest of your post, it's late and you should take your personalities to bed for now and let me sleep even though it is nice to catch up with you Bahita.

  7. Mon Mar 13 21:36:18 2017
    Ariana posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    Hashberry is involved in so far as that he played with you logged into Sistrens monking and you played mesmer as Bahita Nabsjoo, or he would be on Sistrens Formation while Mhedlina Nabsjoo played monk. I just think he was being a friend to you to limit the drama that happened.

  8. Mon Mar 13 21:29:15 2017
    Ariana posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    I am preparing to, because I already knew you are Bahita from the way you're typing. You forget that we used to be friends, silly.

  9. Mon Mar 13 21:26:09 2017
    Ariana posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    'Essays of bullshit' would be easy to disprove, don't you think? Yet nobody here is actually willing to prove me wrong about the assumptions I've made, despite me offering to delete my Guild Wars chars/account which is something all of my haters would just love for me to do (and I'd honestly love to do aswell). I just hope you come through for me with the 3v3 Scrim thing and that the time it takes to happen isn't just time for you to find another person to log on the account(s) for you.

  10. Mon Mar 13 21:18:54 2017
    Ariana posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    Yes yes as I said all in good time, seriously. Cut me some slack I also need to fit my major weight loss intervention into this schedule too, I'm a busy girl. But no really, it's seriously hilarious watching you try to type differently to yourself, Bahita. Like, just scrolling through your early posts where you were all like "Oh might I add my Two Cents to this conversation? <insert wall of text>" to now where it's all like "lel gtfo u pressed whale". But no I commend you on your effort tho A+

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