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  2. Fri Jul 21 08:40:04 2017
    B Bot Or Afk posted in Streaming / recent recordings thread.

    My contribution (dev hammer POV) :
    GvG Scrim #1
    GvG Scrim #2
    GvG Scrim #3
    GvG Scrim #4
    GvG Scrim #5

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    Sun Jul 16 15:14:54 2017
    B Bot Or Afk started the conversation Mesmer main looking for guild.


    I'm looking for a guild, I mostly play mesmer but I can play warrior aswell. I can (try) to learn other midline roles if needed. I won't be able to play that much in august (not everyday tbh), but i'll be more active in september. IGN : Candyboy Timewaster.

    xoxo eks dee

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    Sat Apr 15 16:52:24 2017
    B Bot Or Afk posted in 2017 April Monthly.

    First off, only Demon and Roken made a remark about the mesmer botting, it isn't everyone's opinion and I don't get why when someone in our guild say something it means that everyone in our guild thinks this way ..
    And even with that I think we lost mostly because of our build, with or without your mesmer. Game was over at minute 0.

  5. Sun Apr 2 06:04:42 2017
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    Sun Nov 20 03:56:48 2016
    B Bot Or Afk posted in Streaming / recent recordings thread.

    The 5th round of the playoffs and the first round of the single elimination are missing.
    [FR] DoNe vs #.# (November MAT Quarterfinals) [PB mesmer]
    [FR] DoNe vs OvO (November MAT Semifinals) [PB mesmer]

  7. Sat Nov 19 16:07:33 2016
    B Bot Or Afk posted in Streaming / recent recordings thread.

    Here are the first 4 rounds of the November mAT with DoNe. Everything is in french but i'm gonna try to add english subtitles if I can find enough time to do it :

    [FR] DoNe vs zQ (November MAT round 1) [PB mesmer]
    [FR] DoNe vs Flux (November MAT round 2) [PB mesmer]
    [FR] DoNe vs np (November MAT round 3) [PB mesmer]
    [FR] DoNe vs swe (November MAT round 4) [PB mesmer]

    The next ones will probably come tomorrow, even though some matches will be missing because of technical issues :(

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    Mon Nov 14 00:45:08 2016
    B Bot Or Afk posted in Streaming / recent recordings thread.

    I've played every game as PB mesmer, the flux wasn't allowed :
    GvG teaching scrims 1
    GvG teaching scrims 2
    GvG teaching scrims 3
    GvG teaching scrims 4

  9. Tue Sep 20 17:45:35 2016
    B Bot Or Afk posted in GvG resources/streams/videos.


    Even tho this forum is mostly dedicated to GvG, I do stream some RA as mesmer/warrior (mainly mesmer).
    To give a brief overview of what you can find on this channel :

    • I try to explain each of my actions and why I do that (this stream is dedicated to anyone so obviously I can say things that everyone knows here ..)
    • I've recently setted up a bot that makes a lil viewer game on twitch chat where you can bet how many wins i'm gonna do for this run in RA, if you guessed it right then you earn a gift
    • My english vocabulary knowledge and accent are both awful, but still, I try my best to improve
    • Lots of "huuuuuuu"

    Here is the link of the stream
    And my latest video on youtube . I mostly use youtube to upload footages or highlights of the stream, the quality might be way worse than it is on stream since i've recently improved it.

    The next stream session will most likely be on friday afternoon (GMT+1) :)

  10. Sat Sep 10 09:01:54 2016
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