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  1. 11 months ago
    Fri Nov 4 23:35:10 2016

    @Rainy As you are one of the more notorious champ-point syncers to play, can we really trust that glad title?

    he didn't sync his glad title , he exploitet the game to get it but he syncet champ/fame title

  2. Tue Nov 1 21:09:14 2016
    S Shop started the conversation perfect prots ? MG VS DONE.

    any one obset Warden Laou (chmp) guest prot ? prots/pre prots are really perfect compared to some people and instant rc too , i never seen him playing be4 and the guy pop lot of shame and diversion to cast on target that get spiket

    prot bot work like that

  3. last year
    Sun Oct 2 12:11:41 2016

    @Lam3rz who cares if fake or not hes got the point.

    which point? the post is deletet

  4. Sun Oct 2 12:03:20 2016

    @Godly well could have said more bad, but you know what I mean anyways.

    he look bad since ever got carried to non bottet golds and bottet the others cant play antthing but flag

  5. Sun Oct 2 11:56:40 2016

    @Godly ^that's not real Zynkh, so much effort for making him look bad.

    zynkh bad and look bad alrdy

  6. Sat Oct 1 13:08:13 2016

    the answer is no u cant see

  7. Fri Sep 30 14:43:50 2016
    S Shop posted in An open apology.

    @Carry Carry Pb But you just read me ? Retard

    faek carry carry gj ! virti hirti stupit botter

  8. Thu Sep 29 17:54:59 2016
    S Shop posted in GG FISTO.

    @Fisto show me some videos bois

    when u write skills in targetet list u cant be that obvious retardet fisto

  9. Thu Sep 29 17:41:42 2016
    S Shop posted in GG FISTO.

    yes fisto botting he writet every skill in the targetet list on rupt bot

  10. Sun Sep 25 13:09:59 2016
    S Shop posted in I hate Kamadan and trading.

    @Accolade Makes for a way more interesting success story don't ya think?

    u told every1 that story years ago now u hiding

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