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  1. 5 days ago
    Thu May 18 10:23:06 2017
    M Matador posted in [chmp] Recruits gvg players.

    Still need players, need an op tactic caller, front, prot and a few midlines maybe. contact me @ illll Z E U S illll

  2. Thu May 18 10:21:31 2017
    M Matador posted in looking for gvg team for mAT.

    @Feanor Hi i am looking for players for the mat please contact me in game @ illll Z E U S illll or on discord @Alan . Thanks

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Sun May 7 10:09:03 2017
    M Matador started the conversation [chmp] Recruits gvg players.

    Hi, i am looking for frontlines for the mat, and maybe some other players, we are recruiting any experienced gvg players, let me know in game if you are interested . IGN : illll Z E U S illll

  4. Sun May 7 10:05:55 2017
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    Wed Sep 28 00:22:40 2016
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