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    Fri Sep 30 09:23:07 2016
    | ||||||DodgeBall posted in An open apology.

    "Just to troll", such a fruitless excuse

    Do people bot & cheat, win a match and say after: "oh just kidding lmao im such a troll"

    The match is over. You cheated and it impacted the outcome of the game. Tough luck bud, your reputation is now in stake

    "The real botters are SHOP/THAI, True?"

    And what of FAPS, REKM, and their corollary? What about now? Is there a distinction between a "real botter" and a "trolling botter"?

    You're constantly attempting to create excuses for yourself where no excuse is warranted

    lmao at this backstabbing community

  2. Thu Sep 29 11:14:00 2016
    | ||||||DodgeBall posted in Many BOT guilds lineup aka SHOP/THAI.

    L :^)

  3. Thu Sep 29 10:58:04 2016
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