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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Sep 26 03:54:52 2017
    K kasperov posted in Looking for Guild.

    Very good splitter!

  2. 4 months ago
    Mon Jul 17 12:39:02 2017
    K kasperov posted in PvP: fix suggestions?.

    Solution is simple.
    Remove this fucking bug that allows syncers to leave before match starts without loosing rating.
    Without this every1 could just enter gvg with 6 henchies and have fun playing. Then If people see other guys playing with 6 henchies they will try to find more players to win with them and then finally you are going to see 8 people teams in guild battles again.

  3. 8 months ago
    Sun Apr 2 06:23:14 2017
    Godly changed kasperov's group to Member.
  4. Tue Mar 14 11:41:27 2017
    K kasperov posted in 4v4 Play.

    Some1 had very nice idea here. Put an character named "Team arena" in gtob. Do a script that sends you auto guest invite to guild hall when you inv him to party. In guest gh PPL can do scrims.

  5. last year
    Mon Nov 14 02:38:15 2016
    K kasperov posted in I quit guild wars and heres why.

    You made lebron crying exile

  6. Fri Nov 4 21:07:04 2016
    K kasperov posted in Interface Thread.

    Its all about bsns. If yourfrontline isnt worth to spend 5 Energy to draw, there are better alternatives x)

  7. Fri Nov 4 14:02:02 2016
    K kasperov posted in Interface Thread.

    For all of you guys playing healer monks. I recommend skill nr 7 on space =] (guess wich one )

  8. Wed Sep 14 03:59:13 2016

    Good idea Sync.
    I hate all germans since I was born. Duno why

  9. Wed Sep 7 06:45:27 2016
    K kasperov posted in Obsidian Trim Cape Design Contest .


  10. Tue Mar 1 22:33:44 2016
    K kasperov posted in True vs Law 29.2. Zynkh botting.

    Why do you guys care so much. If you know that your opponent is botting just go triple warrior with 2 hammers and gg. People were botting since always and you realise that as a problem 9 years later. Im pretty sure mitch was botting too with his pb mes.

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