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    Sun Dec 25 17:56:34 2016
    J Jeydra posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    This coming from the guy who once told me Rit flaggers indicate 8v8 builds and Monk flaggers indicate split builds ...

  2. 11 months ago
    Tue Dec 6 22:41:15 2016
    J Jeydra posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    @K R S ;C H K R Nerf rupts and a 3 rit backline might work.


    Thanks for the link it was interesting. I think it goes deeper than interrupts however, e.g. Rits have poor condition removal. They also don't have Prot Spirit & Spirit Bond. Alternatively, given that Rits are weak to interrupts, what would you do if you went up against a Dom Mes - stick a Hammer Warrior on the Mesmer? But you can't even call for Shatter Enchant on Weapon of Warding. Or maybe go up to 4 backliners? Or some kind of uber split build where even your backlines can contribute via Icy Shackles, thanks to Rits having a generally-free elite? I don't know, that's why I want to see it.

    Watched some of the streams and man they were disappointing. I couldn't see at a glance what everyone was playing, and some of the streamers (I'm looking at you Dopos) have extremely unfamiliar interfaces.

  3. Mon Dec 5 06:25:47 2016
    J Jeydra posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    I'd be curious to see what a metagame in which both Dervishes and Warriors (and the best spike skills like Invoke Lightning) are banned looks like, or perhaps one in which Monks are banned. Probably not something to be taken seriously, but the major changes required would make me want to log on and watch the games.

    Also any chance of watching on these "banned battles" games on obs?

  4. Mon Nov 28 05:40:10 2016

    Like I said, pick a MMORPG that you can play together with her - preferably one in which she has real life friends playing.

    I say GW2 because there's no monthly fee, and it's pretty casual; however you can also play Archeage or WoW or Maple Story (ewww) or w/e her real life friends are playing. You can even suggest it, "I heard of a cool new game ____, you girls wanna play" kind of thing.

  5. Thu Nov 24 16:55:49 2016

    I'm in the same guild as Gaile in GW2. Once I asked her if ANet were going to do something about spammers in Kamadan. She said something about how the information is already out there one just has to look, and that I was coming off as quite aggressive and she doesn't like being talked to like that. I quickly decided to put her on ignore.

    Read of that what you will.

  6. last year
    Thu Jun 30 03:38:07 2016
    J Jeydra started the conversation Tiebreaker idea.

    Almost zero chance of it being implemented but why not float the idea.

    From 0-10 minutes in the match, everyone gets 1% DP a minute.
    From 10-15 minutes in the match, everyone gets 2% DP a minute.
    From 15-20 minutes in the match, everyone gets 3% DP a minute.
    From 20-25 minutes in the match, everyone gets 5% DP a minute.
    From 25-28 minutes in the match, everyone gets 10% DP a minute.

    If, after 28 minutes, both Guild Lords are still alive, then the side with the higher-HP Guild Lord wins. If both Guild Lords have equal HP, the side with more NPCs win. If both sides have the same number of NPCs, the side with higher morale wins. If both sides have equal morale, the side with more charged Res Sigs wins. Or the game ends in a draw.

    The numbers might need to be tweaked and possibly killing NPCs should be changed to remove DP, but otherwise don't see an easy way to exploit this. Prot Spirit gets stronger, but it should not be sufficient to counter the DP. Shelter is practically inexistent and has lots of problems. One could conceivably make a defensive build hoping to survive till 28 minutes for the other tiebreakers, but the high DP should also eventually force through kills. Assassins get weaker I suppose, but nothing that can't be handled with more energy runes and insignias.

    Comments etc welcome.

  7. Tue Jun 7 23:48:00 2016
    J Jeydra posted in PLEASE SIGN THIS Petition.

    I think ANet / NCSoft / whoever should put resources into making a new game based on the same core concept (lots of skills, freely customizable skill bars, freely customizable party, etc) but based on a different engine with updated graphics, stuff like 3D gameplay, and so on. At this point using resources on an expansion to a game as old as this Guild Wars does not make sense.

    Can't sign the petition, sorry =/

  8. Mon May 2 07:14:03 2016
    J Jeydra posted in Tourney on May 7th @ MAT time.

    Thumbs up for initiative, but: you going to host both a round robin AND a double eliminations tournament? That's a lot of games for one day - an 8-team round robin for example means every team plays seven games.

    Also if you do a round robin you could consider a league-style format where you get 3 points for a lord kill and 2 points for a victory via lord damage or something like that, and the team with the highest points at the end wins.

  9. Wed Apr 6 04:14:14 2016
    J Jeydra started the conversation Rusty, is your account hacked?.

    I received a weird private message from you saying something about the old QQ forums, which is not something I'd expect, especially since I don't know you.

    Is someone masquerading as you?

  10. Thu Mar 24 07:53:30 2016

    It depends on who those three damage characters are right? E.g. if it's Hammer War + Dervish + Dom Mes, I'd expect even Prot + Heal to fold pretty quickly, unless they have some sort of help like a linebacking Warrior.

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