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  1. 9 months ago
    Sun Feb 12 16:42:48 2017

    @Ishtli (minus the throw at the end :\ )

    afk while you sync and fail

  2. Mon Jan 23 01:32:37 2017
    magna posted in Mexican Food in Germany.

    ez there are no walls between Germany and Mexico

  3. 10 months ago
    Fri Jan 13 05:16:56 2017

    can we have a playlist of unusual/historic matches (>=720p req ofc)

    all of these new uploads are 5/7 would not watch

  4. Wed Jan 11 09:02:11 2017

    ska's link has expired but the one from the original post is still fresh

  5. Wed Jan 11 06:09:36 2017

    @ska la they feel asleep at keyboard, their ear pressing "alt" and their nose pressing "F4"...

    need a graph and photographic aids to help me reproduce this

  6. Fri Jan 6 12:49:36 2017

    i wan wach big hero 6 more times

  7. Thu Jan 5 12:38:21 2017
    magna posted in WoT lf people.

    @fake Zynkh @Maverick
    Please forgive me!
    I'm addicted to botting, I can't control myself.
    I just did it to troll!



  8. Thu Dec 29 04:33:01 2016
    magna posted in Looking for more peeps.

    @hi im alex Im way cuter than this faggot.


  9. Thu Dec 29 00:13:15 2016
    magna posted in Qekz botting?.

    @thewar sync

    bad boys stick together

  10. Wed Dec 28 23:58:34 2016

    i get cringe reaction from this
    Pvp Elemele doesnt even know how to play yet D' :

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