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  1. 6 days ago
    Wed Mar 22 18:00:17 2017
    SISTRENS posted in Official shitposting thread.

    @Godly Yo, I don't wanna make new thread for this, so I just post here. Do people really wanna get rid of alt accounts on here? Time to voice your opinion if you care, goes to "legit" accounts obviously.

    Hi, I would like to reiterate my opinion on the issue at hand because my comment was - obviously unproperly - removed, despite this being the Official Shitposting Thread and my opinion being on topic and polite. Please see picture.
    My position on the topic was, and I am quoting literally, "Idc as I am not pressed". I still stand by that. Thanks!

  2. last week
    Wed Mar 22 08:03:15 2017
    SISTRENS posted in [Rudi] lf guests.


  3. Mon Mar 20 19:01:46 2017
    SISTRENS posted in 4v4 Play.

    I would also like to say time and random because I didn't say it enough in my previous message.

  4. Mon Mar 20 19:01:10 2017
    SISTRENS posted in 4v4 Play.

    My input is that timing is too random. I don't have the time to gather three more players from the time you ask on Discord to the time you get seven other random players. Maybe that's only my case and everyone else just shows up and get put into a team at random, but until you start giving the format a fixed schedule I don't think you can expect more match requests, let alone all this ladder thinghy or w/e to happen

  5. Fri Mar 17 08:11:51 2017
    SISTRENS posted in Lf MAT.

    giving me rainy vibes

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 13 21:57:40 2017
    SISTRENS posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    I synced with bahita twice I think but I appreciate your delusional posts no one cares about. goodnight Jenny.

  7. Mon Mar 13 21:43:22 2017
    SISTRENS posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    what drama, please articulate a bit more on that topic. Also I think you might be into something when you say that Hashberry was playing on my account on monk, but I don't think he was playing on mesmer. Maybe someone else, someone who often plays mesmer, someone from querz? Think a bit about the possibilty that my account is shared between more persons that you think of and elaborate on why you don't think it is the case.

  8. Mon Mar 13 21:33:12 2017
    SISTRENS posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    No it's hashberry typing right now, don't get it twisted

  9. Mon Mar 13 21:27:38 2017
    SISTRENS posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    @Ariana and that the time it takes to happen isn't just time for you to find another person to log on the accounts for you.

    You see you are already preparing yourself to contest a 3v3 that has yet to happen because you are aware you're full of shit

  10. Mon Mar 13 21:26:39 2017
    SISTRENS posted in Random Arenas alt accounts.

    I am disproving all ur garbage shit but u still type lel having the last word won't make any of your arguments valid

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