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  1. 2 days ago
    Mon May 22 13:17:42 2017
    SISTRENS posted in RA Hack.

    (this game) lol and

    ;smh seek JE-
    SUS (people?) go w/ the (light)

  2. Mon May 22 13:15:12 2017
    SISTRENS posted in RA Hack.

    This game lol and asd smh seek JESUS people go w/ the light

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 15 17:37:11 2017
    SISTRENS posted in 2017 April Monthly.

    ^there is no calling people botters "too often": there is either calling people botters incorrectly, or calling people botters correctly. If everyone botted, it would be fair to call everyone a botter, even though it would be tedious

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Apr 9 17:31:43 2017

    We've had a solid 4 hours of scrims. I think teams were fairly balanced as we tried to keep learners to 4 per team, never exceeding 5.

    Hopefully this was useful to people who wanted to practice and enjoyable for everyone, maybe we will be able to host them again soon!

  5. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 5 03:40:07 2017

    Teaching Sunday

    When: Sun, April 9th after the AT C.
    Meet: Guild [chmp]. PM Sistrens Ftw for a guest invite (*)
    Builds: TBA, potentially decided by the Team leader - no bans.
    Flux: There Can Only Be One (+30% damage to enemies of the same primary profession).
    Map: Uncharted Isle, could change to something that is in the current rotation.

    (*): I have added players who have recently been active during ATs to a friendlist. Expect PMs from "Teaching Scrims Sun" around AT times for the upcoming days to remind you of Teaching Scrims. I will also PM you the day of Teaching Scrims, obviously. Sorry if it annoys you; if you don't wanna be pmmed you can just reply when you get a PM or tell me here and I will take you out of FL.

  6. Tue Apr 4 20:44:50 2017
    SISTRENS posted in [Rudi] lf guests.

    Honk your impact is so intangible, I'm still banned

  7. Sun Apr 2 06:33:23 2017
    Godly changed SISTRENS's group to Member.
  8. 2 months ago
    Wed Mar 22 08:03:15 2017
    SISTRENS posted in [Rudi] lf guests.


  9. Mon Mar 20 19:01:46 2017
    SISTRENS posted in 4v4 Play.

    I would also like to say time and random because I didn't say it enough in my previous message.

  10. Mon Mar 20 19:01:10 2017
    SISTRENS posted in 4v4 Play.

    My input is that timing is too random. I don't have the time to gather three more players from the time you ask on Discord to the time you get seven other random players. Maybe that's only my case and everyone else just shows up and get put into a team at random, but until you start giving the format a fixed schedule I don't think you can expect more match requests, let alone all this ladder thinghy or w/e to happen

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