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    SISTRENS started the conversation GW Is Sexist.

    As we all know, the sex you choose for your character has the side effect of altering your game performance; however, I believe that no one took the time to comprehensively assess the impact of biological gender on each profession. Here, I outline a qualitative summary of my findings, providing explanations for the most controversial cases; conclusively, I deduce that Guild Wars mechanics have an intrinsic preference for male characters.

    I will evaluate the impact of sex (M/F) on game performance using four ordinal variables: indifferent, slightly favoured, favoured, strongly favoured. These should be sufficiently self-explanatory.

    - Warrior
    Axe/Sword: (F) slightly favoured.
    Hammer: (M) strongly favoured.
    Other Weapons: You need to uninstall. You know who you are.

    Explanation: While I agree that axes and swords benefit from a female wielder, it is still possible to brandish them as a male Warrior. On the contrary, wielding hammers on a female character is almost impossible, and automatically results in disastrous performances. Example: Oo No Chance Oo.

    - Ranger
    Bow: Indifferent
    Melee weapon: (M) slightly favoured.
    Trapper: (F) slightly favoured.

    - Monk
    Prot, Flagger: (M) favoured.
    Infuse: (F) slightly favoured.
    4v4 Healer: (M) favoured.
    Hybrid (other formats): Indifferent.

    - Elementalist
    Any: (F) slightly favoured.

    Explanation: This is arguably one of the most perplexing conclusions; that is particularly true because of the relatively important quantity of male Elementalists within the guild I am currently in. Nevertheless, it is my firm believe that female Elementalists are minimally stronger than their male counterparts, regardless of the designed attribute.
    Example: contemporarily with the deterioration of Hubet Hamsterhurter’s gameplay, stemming from a drastic playtime diminution, T E M P E S T X arose, in an attempt to artificially enhance performances.

    - Necromancer
    Blood: (F) slightly favoured.
    Curses: (M) slightly favoured.

    - Mesmer
    Illusion: (M) slightly favoured.
    Domination: (M) favoured.

    Explanation: I am unsure whether the male sex favours, or strongly favours, a domination Mesmer’s performance. Difficulties in measurement are a consequence of the widespread awareness of the superiority of the male Mesmer, which resulted in a shortage of female ones, making the evaluation challenging. The only two examples among so-called top tier players that come to my mind are Only Legit C Ten – suggesting a strong alteration – and V E R Y N I C E. The consistently excellent performances of the latter seem to reduce the probability of a formidable gender effect on Mesmer mechanics; nevertheless, they do not invalidate the existence of a tangible effect, for two reasons. Firstly, V E R Y N I C E wears a gown that creates volume in the lower body, possibly mitigating the negative effects of the female sex on Mesmer; secondly, and more importantly, I do not recall V E R Y N I C E playing on a male Mesmer, making a comparative performance assessment impossible. I hereby kindly encourage V E R Y N I C E to play on a male Mesmer, to help us address the gender issue for said profession.

    - Assassin
    Melee weapon: Indifferent.
    Assacaster: (M) favoured.

    - Ritualist
    Restoration: Indifferent
    Channeling: (M) slightly favoured.
    Melee weapon: Indifferent

    - Paragon
    Any: Indifferent
    - Dervish
    Avatar: (M) slightly favoured.
    Other: (M) favoured.

    As evident, while Guild Wars alters game performances in relation to sex in a different fashion for each profession, the overall impact of such mechanics has a preponderantly positive effect for male characters, and vice versa for female ones. While I understand that Guild Wars was originally launched in a different social environment – just think that women’s suffrage in most of Europe, and the US, was yet to be! – Corporate Social Responsibility requires ANet & NCSoft to adapt to the changed circumstances, and make any effort to provide equal opportunities for female characters. I started a support ticket to raise awareness on the issue; everyone is welcome to do the same, and join me in this crusade for civility.

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    very i n t e r e s t i n g I am getting Carmen Sandiego vibes

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    @Relic Dudes in good shape encouraged, if you're fat you should be able to lose weight

    You started off great


    But then you failed me

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    It is the very iconic & cool and high energy @God of Arena, otherwise known as Shisha Fisto Marc.

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    He starts streaming @Zynkh

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    why is this guy always so pressed

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    (this game) lol and

    ;smh seek JE-
    SUS (people?) go w/ the (light)

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    This game lol and asd smh seek JESUS people go w/ the light

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