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    Fri Feb 17 04:45:50 2017
    E Endo started the conversation Endo Lf MaT.

    I'm looking for a mat to play, as front if possible.
    Mid or runner is ok.

    I wont be here tonight, i'll show up tomorow in the afternoon.

    Endo Just Cry / Endo Ftw.


  2. Thu Jan 26 12:28:46 2017

    IGN: Endo Just Cry (Acc n°1) / Endo Ftw (Acc n°2)
    Timezone: Euro
    Roles: Front > Mid > Runner
    Guild: Roadhouse Blues[tD]
    Guest for AT?: yes if my guild isn't playng

    Interested in Normal Scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Banned Battles scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Teaching Scrims? Yes
    Teacher or Learner?: Teacher front

    I'll be active again on GW. Don't hesitate to pm me! :D

  3. 11 months ago
    Sun Dec 18 09:45:26 2016
    E Endo posted in Lf [tD].

    can we talk in private? ;) pm me IG when i'm on (Endo Just Cry)

  4. Sun Dec 18 08:50:12 2016
    E Endo posted in Jh lf monks.

    it's barty the owner? lol

  5. Sun Dec 18 04:04:44 2016
    E Endo started the conversation Lf [tD].

    i'm actually looking for any information on the owner of [tD], i'd like to get it back!

    pm me here or ig if you can help me, thx!! ^^

  6. Sun Dec 18 04:01:43 2016
    E Endo posted in Jh lf monks.

    can i have my guild back? ^^

  7. Sat Dec 17 17:34:49 2016
    E Endo joined the forum.