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    Fri Jan 27 09:19:11 2017

    @JornF Do you really feel that a second shield guardian is needed with a monk runner? Is it not viable to play 2 monk builds without shield guardian?

  2. Fri Jan 27 09:17:55 2017
    E Elena posted in How to "Balanced".

    I agree with you yoshi that a full guide would be pretty impossible, I was merely stating that people need to be aware that the main skill in running balanced is coordination and communication. This could be said of many builds, but a spike build will kill them if you press the right skill on 1 every now and again. And a split build will kill npcs if you keep trying. A balance without coordination and communication will sit there and do nothing.

  3. Thu Jan 26 20:15:42 2017
    E Elena posted in How to "Balanced".

    Throwing in my 2 cents, it might be prudent to add a small note on ranger and mesmer classes that communication between the two is absolutely vital as to who is shutting down what and when. I feel that, playing mesmer in balance, this is the biggest issue people playing balanced suffer. When to go offensive and defensive, when to shut down which key cooldowns, and how to coordinate pressure in certain ways.

    As a vague example....

    You are playing necro balanced and you have your necro at stand (god knows why, let's pretend the enemy forgot the flag). You choose to put the ranger on their flagger and your mesmer tries to shut out RC to get condi pressure going.

    The enemy team responds by putting their mesmer on your heal monk and their ranger takes out apply poison and a couple of necro skills. You begin to take a lot of melee pressure.
    Ergo your ranger takes their mesmer skills and your mesmer jumps on their heal monk, changing the flow of pressure in the game.

    I feel that most of playing balanced is coordinating pressure, coordinating shutdown and flagging properly. Although Yoshi, your guide is excellent as to the basics of balance and how people should play their individual roles, from a more advanced standpoint (and where I would hope the majority of readers on qq are at), it is important to look at what goes into a balanced on balanced matchup, and how exactly you create a win condition with a build that appears so reactive.

  4. Thu Jan 26 20:11:15 2017

    If we did ban shield guardian we would either have to allow 1 per team, or find some other form of bar push I believe. This is due to the fact that we have a prevalence of pressure available from various things such as dual ranger, trip melee and condi necro, but are missing both the bar push of RC, the party heal of healing burst, a good monk heal bar AND the heal monk is easily knocked due to the lack of aura of stability.

    Back in the day, when skills such as aura, healing burst and shield guardian were not around, we also had heal party on a 1 second cooldown (often used on eles), an aegis chain and ele builds were far inferior to what they are today. Coupled with the added pressure the "nerfs" to party healing that isn't banned make it almost impossible to hold up vs triple melee without something vaguely useful to keep us alive.

    This will inevitably cause a change in the banned battle meta (banning shield guardian completely), but I for one, am not sure that we would like to move firstly towards trip melee, and then via insanely defensive builds such as dual DA paragons, ward melee, blining surge eles+water eles to a build that severely resembles rawrspike (stand rit, ward melee, paragon anyone?)

  5. Wed Jan 25 13:48:34 2017

    Had some good fun tonight - close enough games to make things interesting.

    would be nice to get more people into this, and less buildwars.

    Also shield guardian is frustrating :P

  6. Wed Jan 25 07:45:09 2017

    I'll always be willing to help out... how helpful i'll be is another question!

  7. Mon Jan 23 01:08:45 2017

    do we sign up or turn up?

  8. Sun Jan 22 18:58:29 2017
    E Elena posted in Drama N Fun [DnF] LF Buddys.

    enjoyed playing with you tonight in teach scrimms, feel free to hit me up if you need people who aren't very good, I fill that criteria :)

    See post in recruit thread if you want more info on me :)

  9. Sun Jan 22 18:57:29 2017
    E Elena started the conversation Elena LFG.

    Hi guys.

    I'm a fairly vocal infuse/midliner (no ranger) looking for a guild to play in, do the odd AT and improve and get back into the game a little more.
    I returned to the game about 8-10 weeks ago and have been attending teach scrimms.

    I'm probably not very good but I try hard :)

    I am british but play on GMT and EST timezones.
    I cannot speak euro.

    Msg me on here is best way to find me, or add me in game and i'll be online at teach scrimms/bb

    elena gets messy/elena night angel/elena in spamadania

  10. 11 months ago
    Sun Jan 8 14:11:16 2017
    E Elena posted in GvG Teaching Tournament Signup.

    IGN: Elena Mind Blasting/Elena Night Angel/Elena in Spamadania
    Current guild: It Aint Much If It Aint [Flux]
    Teacher/Learner: Learner
    Normal main role: Heal/Necro/Ele
    IGN of a player you would really want to be in a team with: IF healing - Ali, if midline, anyone

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