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  1. 4 months ago
    Fri Mar 10 05:32:28 2017
    H Hashラ posted in GW Mini-Games Ideas Please.

    We always play 1vs1 war in our GH much fun :)

  2. 6 months ago
    Mon Jan 16 13:18:15 2017

    @Hamstorm Sad but: Grenth derv. Make sure to bring attackers insight and grenth's aura. Very boring to play.

    grenths dervs are so cancer srs
    play RT

  3. Sun Dec 25 14:10:20 2016
    H Hashラ posted in GW; RA; GVG; HARASSEMENT.

    @Accolade LMFAO dude get a life. I raped you for over 2 hours in RA you got angry and wanted to 1v1. So I accepted. You only won because of lucky rupts through both blocks. So proud to win a 1v1 you have to post it on QQ with a 3000 word post. You really must be bullied irl because who takes to an anonymous online forum to express every little thing someone says to them? Congrats on your victory son. You prolly are still hard

    rip acco 2k16 pm S Y N T E M I L K for some war/ranger lessons you know what happend

  4. Sun Dec 25 13:09:52 2016
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