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    Wed Dec 28 19:36:33 2016

    lemming my boy

  2. Tue Dec 27 08:34:12 2016

    IGN: Duk Bae
    Timezone: Euro
    Roles: master mesmer, everything
    Guild: LaG
    Guest for AT?: no
    Interested in Normal Scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Banned Battles scrims: Yes
    Interested in Teaching Scrims? Yes
    Teacher or Learner?: master

  3. Sun Dec 25 19:56:31 2016
    R rotten posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    @LittleYoshi Didnt want to write anything in this thread, because "older" players will always prefer the rit and "newer" + more active players the monk, so arguing which one is better is meaningless anyway.

    Arguing about perfect players is the worst argument someone can probably come up with.
    Players are not perfect, were not perfect back in the [rawr] days and would never be perfect even if they played this game for 10+ more years.

    Playing "perfect" guild wars isnt actually that hard. It includes alot of playing safe, making sure you re not risking any deaths and always prepare for the next 2 minutes of the match. My propably unpopular opinion is that rawr never played perfect or the right way, their build gave them the edge in a cheesy tactic, which included sending the prot back against 2 splitters. I mean how are you even supposed to 8v8 their midline rit and an unsplittable turret ranger?

    Also i would always prefer to run a build that if being mastered is better than a build that is inferior.

    Playing perfect is of course exaggerating my point, but as long as you re playing the right way the rit is theoretically the right choice.
    also for lord dmg i actually think the difference should not be a big deal. Weapons in their base should actually be very effective. The ranger should be shutting down damage, since 2 healers and ress sigs is not worth it trying to kill.

    I do believe the difference in 90% of the matches doesnt really matter and i think a monk runner would be a better choice for almost all teams simply because you can merge out the mistakes in your team alot easier than with a rit runner

  4. Sun Dec 25 18:24:29 2016
    R rotten posted in Rit flaggers vs monk flaggers.

    I havent read anything, but

    in a perfect game, where all 16 players are playing their bar perfectly and reasonably, rit is the better choice. Weapon prots are always better than enchantment prots.
    I think the spirits are also way better than healing burst, simply because you can actually run a flag while still having an effect on the team.

    Now this assumes the rit does not get camped by someone, but in a coordinated, skilled team the rit will not get camped.

    This pretty much is enough reasoning for a rit to be ran. Healing burst runners are just replacing the coordination needed to make the rit effective. Which is why people run it, the overall skill level is worse nowadays, obviously.

  5. Sun Dec 25 18:18:26 2016
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