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    Sun Apr 2 06:02:51 2017
    Godly changed ANTPhilip's group to Member.
  2. 9 months ago
    Fri Feb 24 06:27:34 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in ab week.

    Hey, less is more.

  3. Thu Feb 23 05:26:06 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Honk he cant tell you more hes dead cant you read

    Very sharp of you Honk!

  4. Wed Feb 22 17:23:03 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Robert Gagging LMAOOOOO A N T Philip you are a fraud.

    All the bots you used to play with.. I'm dead

    Pls tell me more

  5. Wed Feb 22 11:24:55 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in Drama N Fun [DnF] LF Buddys.


  6. Tue Feb 21 07:21:15 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Sync I agree they could openly apologize and play clean for a certain time (2 months is too much for this game in my opinion) and the other stuff can happen if you are lucky and they are nasty. Maybe its bad sync but it is the truth ^^ "IF THEY STILL SUPPORTED THIS GAME THEY WOULD BE" yeah but what, they dont so people can rain terror whenever they want.

    @Godly Yeah, you are right but is it working?

  7. Mon Feb 20 14:44:11 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Godly People should be casted out, if they continously use bots and don't give fuck about it. Anyone can just stop botting and play legit, I bet within in time most people would forgive you, if you honestly have good intentions.

    Yes, i agree you should atleast feel something for the "crimes" you commited, but that is Anets job and they really dont seem to care that much? And how would anyone know online if you really have pure intentions? I'm not trying to defend anyone, just trying to really figure out what would be an appropriate way to settle things?
    If you look around on this forum you will then notice i'm not the only one, but there is simply no bar or rule or w/e that shows you how to treat botters/ex botters/bot supporters (lmao), looks like noone really cares UNLESS they dont know you.

    @Odi Sorry then, my bad.

    @Thewar i have no intention defending that sack of shit, but you are talking air out of your arse 10/10 posts.

  8. Mon Feb 20 12:15:30 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Nick I'm very skeptical of that because I've played against that Marc guy before many times and if he was the necro he would probably have gotten 60'd in ~5 minutes in the first game we played against them

    People are able to improve with time dont be such an arse ^^

    It was defo him ofcourse i can prove it, but just take my word for it <3

    @Thewar...Z was not there for the MaT, he was doing "diffrent" stuff ^^ get out pls.

    KK3z is alot closer to who were there!
    I'm kinda most certain Virty, Marc, Alex, Fisto and Odine were there but they had a special guest and there is only 1 name i can come up with but im not sure. Now you named Shisha and Sera and they are also the first who i tought of since they are and have been friends with them for some time (and tried to defend them) but who knows for certain, right!?

    Just all those guys used to be in my guild and i had to get rid of them, even tho they wanted to play fair and can be decent people when given a chance but it was very hard getting enough people since most people in this biased community wouldnt play with "botters" ha-ha-ha to some off yall hypocrybabys.

    I hope you realise casting people outside of the community isnt gonna help much, they retaliate with hate and multiply with a stronger comeback everytime (better bots). dont be surprised fools.

  9. Mon Feb 20 10:04:55 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Nick The necro was definitely not one of the normal bot team player, that's all I know

    Their necro was "D E E P T R O U T" also known as "Playboy Bunny Marc"

  10. Thu Feb 16 06:39:11 2017
    A ANTPhilip posted in Drama N Fun [DnF] LF Buddys.

    UP! Still LF Prot!

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