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  1. 9 months ago
    Thu Jan 26 23:46:08 2017
    C Catatafish posted in QQ is looking for more!.

    Im interested, do you gvg regularely? Ign: Great Catatafish

  2. Sun Jan 22 20:33:36 2017
    C Catatafish posted in GvG Teaching Tournament Signup.

    IGN: Great Catatafish
    Current guild: Zulu Ox Tactics [Zulu]
    Teacher/Learner: Learner for now
    Normal main role(s): Ranger/midline. or Flags

  3. Sun Jan 22 20:26:21 2017
    C Catatafish posted in seeking gvg.

    ive got a bunch of tournament tokens too

  4. Sun Jan 22 20:24:15 2017
    C Catatafish started the conversation seeking gvg.

    Looking for a gvg guild if that is still a thing.

    I mostly play ranger/midline but have flagged and frontlined decently in the past. Its been a while, havent played 'seriously' since EoTN came out.

    I've got 3 champ pts r5 hero r5 glad.

  5. Sun Jan 22 20:15:48 2017
    C Catatafish joined the forum.