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  1. 8 months ago
    Tue Mar 28 11:43:59 2017
    Ayowa started the conversation Time Bomb LF players.

    Hey guys! We decided to go on with a new guild and we are looking for some players since Sancti and Dephria cant play regulary


    Pm IG to Lineback Ayowa or El Resistance

  2. Mon Mar 20 16:39:44 2017
    Ayowa posted in LF Guild.

    @JornF no sorry, i dont play with zurrie..

    I would tell u he changed his being way but I would be lying xD. Good luck then Jorn! =)

  3. Mon Mar 20 15:17:11 2017
    Ayowa posted in LF Guild.

    @JornF Lookin for somewhere to play i guess. Non backline preferred. But if i need to monk .... prot please :)

    Would u like to come with us as mesmer, Jorn?

  4. Mon Mar 20 15:16:25 2017
    Ayowa posted in True LF Mesmer.

    @Polar $ ?

    I don't think so, plus u can ask Zurrie xD

  5. Mon Mar 20 01:39:47 2017
    Ayowa started the conversation True LF Mesmer.

    Yo guys! Seems like we gonna play 1 more MAT in Zurrieland and we will need a mesmer!

    Current Lineup:

    Zurrie Does A Lutz
    Playmobil Resi
    Sancti Darksoul
    Lineback Ayowa
    Dephria Cadbury
    Jack ?

    PM Lineback Ayowa or Zurrie Does A Lutz

  6. Sat Mar 18 08:46:32 2017
    Ayowa posted in 2017 March Monthly.


    Gl Hf to u 2!

  7. 9 months ago
    Mon Mar 13 12:36:52 2017
    Ayowa started the conversation Ayowa LF MAT.

    Seems like we are not playing in DnF so I'm looking for MAT. Any frontline/backline.

    Kind regards

    IGN: Rockstar Ayowa

  8. Sat Mar 4 11:45:19 2017
    Ayowa posted in [seya] lf 2 more.

    Good luck! Friendly ppl! =)

  9. Tue Feb 21 06:01:57 2017

    @Langlar Hi all,

    Sorry for not being around for teaching scrims lately, but work has been keeping me busy. I was only meant to come back and organize during the christmas holidays when I had some extra time and was hoping some others would step up to help out after. This has however not happened, and I don't have the time anymore to do this on my own. Combined with recent events where people are just showing up to troll, pretending to be other ppl, etc etc, I've decided to not put even more energy into this project at the current time.

    The tournament that was scheduled for next week has also been cancelled.

    I'm sorry for everyone who was coming to the scrims and enjoying them. If anyone feels like taking over, please feel free to do so.

    Sorry to hear that... The most of us feel u.. Is not something that must be done by ur own. In my view that's something that should be organised by the support of everyone, and not just by 1 person. So if people are willing to do it, I'll do my best to carry it on.

    Best wishes and thanks for ur effort.

  10. Tue Feb 21 01:38:56 2017
    Ayowa posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @Godly If you ask me, just use your own judgement regarding. People have different opinions what is enough evidence for them and what is appropriate action for it.

    Also using the excuse that other people are cheating, makes it right to cheat yourself, is worst ever. No matter what, it's wrong and you should be punished for it.

    +1000. No more words.

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