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  1. 8 months ago
    Wed Mar 15 13:02:32 2017
    Kishi posted in 4v4 Play.

    @Strange Shisha we just played a lot of games and switch to 8v8 scrimms now. thanks for participating. would be nice if more people would.

    Thanks alot ! I did not have so much fun for ages.

  2. 9 months ago
    Fri Feb 10 10:52:15 2017

    This thread is certainly a joke and not serious. Foul stench of xenophobia...

  3. 10 months ago
    Tue Jan 31 05:49:18 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @MoskauMoskau afk

    Not really AFK, as you were playing with alt and bot mez 30 minutes ago. Both of you reported me. This was really rude ! I had alot of fun seeing you rage quit when I made you lose. Thx for this great happiness.

  4. Mon Jan 30 13:54:33 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @Ariana You just need to take a break from the internet for a while.

    To be quite honnest, I don't see the connection with the discussion.
    This thread is about report abuse. Not about me or you. You are not this important Ariana. ^^
    I am gonna use a metaphor. Think about a little rock in your shoe. It may be painful but it is quite insignificant. This is how I wil deal with you from now.

  5. Mon Jan 30 13:18:41 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @Hamstorm Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight.

    I am not a fighter. ^^

  6. Mon Jan 30 13:14:24 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @Ariana So why bring my name into it then?

    Because you reported me many times today. I said : facts only.
    I probably flamed you once. I don't remember. But this is going too far tbh. As I said before, I dont Q.Q. I just need answers.

  7. Mon Jan 30 13:10:50 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @Ariana So if you're not a victim the purpose of your thread is...?

    FACTS. Only.
    I tried to talk to you. Because I need to understand. I dont even know how this began. But you're just a tiny part of this thread. Very tiny.

  8. Mon Jan 30 13:08:06 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @Ariana You are not a victim here. Stop acting like one.

    Never said I am a victim. Try again.

  9. Mon Jan 30 13:03:10 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @Ariana So, you think it's appropriate to call me fat and ugly?

    I said that imagining you fat and ugly helped me not to be too nasty with you. Never said you were fat and ugly. But once again, this is not the problem.
    Is this appropriate to report players till then got DH ? Just for fun ? Don't pretend to be a victim. Please.

  10. Mon Jan 30 12:44:50 2017
    Kishi posted in Report Abuse ! .

    @Ariana I'm not fat or ugly

    Probably not. But this is not the question. I asked you to ignore me. But you keep on reporting me. Again and again.Till I got DH. Once again, I don't Q.Q. But it is pretty unfair. I tried to talk to you. No way. I tried.

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