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    Fri Feb 10 03:45:38 2017
    S Spartan Oo started the conversation Spartan lf mAT/guild.


    play prot or fuse

    ign : I Teh Spartan I


  2. Wed Feb 8 21:10:20 2017
    S Spartan Oo posted in Banned Battles - Rules and bans.

    We didn't run shield guardian in team Belzor

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 5 11:08:38 2017
    S Spartan Oo posted in Guest List - AT/Teaching/BB/Scrims.

    IGN: I Teh Spartan I
    Timezone: Euro
    Roles: Prot / Heal monk
    Guild: Roadhouse Blues [tD] (previously prot in vZ, uF ~~)
    Guest for AT?: Yes

    Interested in Normal Scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Banned Battles scrims?: Yes
    Interested in Teaching Scrims? Yes
    Teacher or Learner?: Teacher heal/prot
    What I want to learn: Frontliner

  4. Sun Feb 5 11:05:23 2017
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