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    Fri Feb 17 00:25:21 2017
    L liquid- posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    You can see gw is dead even by its drama, so low. Wtf, pvp bots in gw1?Are you serious?

    Why even use bots in a dead game like that, just have fun.

    Back in the days people never used PVP bots in the """pro scene"""(at least to my knowledge) and I am sure oldschool guilds like ew/rawr/evil/wm/kmd/iq/reno etc.. would stomp every guild nowadays legit even if their opponents use bots. I bet that even silvercape/bronze guilds from 2006-2009 are better than you botters with golden capes. People like you make the game less enjoyable( I guess).

    With a community like this I have no idea how some players from old times still enjoy the game. I see some familiar faces, but are those players really legit? Are you 100% sure those people haven't sold their accounts and pretend to be someone else? Do you think someone who played GW1 first 5 years would enjoy the game in it's state now?Lol ,fuck no.

    Im dissapointed. Never liked GW2 and have all the nostalgia for GW1. Too bad the community(PvP one) is even more cancerous than what it was many years ago. Makes it hard for oldq players to start playing again.

  2. Wed Feb 15 22:50:08 2017
    L liquid- posted in Community stance on botting.

    2006-2009 drama was the best.

    I feel like most of the community nowadays is made up of 12-13yr olds( by ur posts).

    Also, wtf is this pvp bot hysteria. We didn't have those things back in the days.

  3. Wed Feb 15 22:15:31 2017
    L liquid- posted in RIP WM.

    Used to play with them back in the days. Fun bunch.
    Still keeping Screenshot from when I was in the roster, but it was from when they stopped playing.^^ I was guildless and wanted some cool cape, so a friend got me in since he had rights lol. Back then the guild was rly innactive and had a new roster, still korean(with the exception me and 2-3 guys non-korean).Played a little, but stopped again.
    Good times.

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    Sun Feb 12 07:16:54 2017
    L liquid- started the conversation What is the state of GW nowadays?.


    What is the state of the game right now PvP-wise? Is it worth playing it again?
    Are there any people left playing?
    Do the developers put any effort in the game anymore after the release of GW2?
    Are there any new things after GW2 was released?

    I miss the game and would play it again,thats why I am asking.

  5. Sun Feb 12 06:57:30 2017
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