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    Mon Feb 20 11:18:37 2017

    @Godly I just know 1 thing for a fact, I won't ever see any actual evidence from you, because there's none. You just say things and come up with stuff from your hat. I'm waiting to see when there's a recording of me rupting shit out of someone without chat blocking and I'm the only mes(Ivan is probably not playing next month). We will see what kind of excuse you come up then.

    Expecting to see that.

  2. Mon Feb 20 11:16:57 2017
    Straham posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    Are you idiots ignoring the fact that Ali is botting?

  3. yesterday
    Sun Feb 19 13:11:38 2017

    Oh Mister Godly, of course I won't have any real accusation since you obviously know proving that someone is botting on a rupt class is hard unless you're retarded and useless like the SHOP crew or that mexicant prick.

  4. Sun Feb 19 13:02:41 2017

    @Godly as I said this isn't anything new to me since 2012 onwards.

    People said the same about Ali and guess what?

    @sync legit prediction

    Just a matter of time Mister Godly.

  5. Sun Feb 19 12:54:44 2017
    Straham posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @SISTRENS Today I chatted a bit with Accolade he says he likes me a lot and we r friends now. Was nice. Had to go afk after a while tho.


  6. Sun Feb 19 12:53:58 2017
    Straham posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    @sync While waiting for my other videos to be upped could @Ali tell us the story behind this bala stance? :P
    legit prediction

    Amen to that brother.

    I think this just proves my point that 50% of the community is botting.

  7. Sun Feb 19 12:52:50 2017

    Circle jerk keeps going, this is just great and of course Mister Godly ended up recording the mAT without hiding his chat because he barely played mesmer (having Honors the botter is a privilege) but when you hide the chat your rupts are way better (?)

    @LosDopos You don't get it, right? He clicks on targets because it's easier than tabtabtab since he's botting.

  8. 5 days ago
    Tue Feb 14 23:19:15 2017

    @Bogden blah blah blah

    I can easily say who I am but that won't change anything, already know people won't care, they just circle jerk each other, trying to keep clean the "community" but don't look at the "top" players.

    Anyways Mister Bogden, I've never heard of you, so keep trying, pretty sure you're some random shitter hiding on an alternative account.

  9. Tue Feb 14 23:11:16 2017

    @Bogden kill yourself

    Amen brother.

    BUT, who the fuck are you?

  10. Tue Feb 14 23:10:41 2017
    Straham posted in RIP WM.

    Can't believe some nerds still pay REAL LIFE MONEY for this kind of shit.

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