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  1. 4 months ago
    Wed Jun 28 11:26:42 2017
    Straham posted in Recruiting For July MAT/AT's.


  2. Sat Jun 24 01:25:34 2017
    Straham posted in Recruiting For July MAT/AT's.

    Mister Danny, I must say I'm amused, I hope that your research have some success to destroy these filthy no names and botters.

  3. 7 months ago
    Sat Mar 25 13:58:31 2017

    I have a question gentlemans

    Who is K R S C H K R (?)

  4. Sat Mar 25 13:57:22 2017

    @Fisto @K R S ;C H K R ive just guested , but sure i can upload more stuff in future .:)

    Way to say "Stream to prove you are not botting".

  5. Sat Mar 25 13:56:28 2017
    Straham posted in [PZZZ] LF More BYOBers.

    Gentlemans please stop trying

  6. 8 months ago
    Thu Mar 23 13:16:57 2017
    Straham posted in LF Guild.

    Did you change your nationality to french, Mister @JornF (?)

  7. Thu Mar 23 13:15:11 2017
    Straham posted in [Rudi] lf guests.

    @Honk Good luck! Maybe reconsider sistrens hes a changed man though ill vouch for it

    My spider sense is tingling.

  8. Thu Mar 23 13:14:26 2017
    Straham posted in Polar lf guild.

    Second decent frenchie.

  9. Thu Mar 23 13:13:59 2017
    Straham posted in bG lf 4 players.

    You didn't mention the best player in your guild, uninstall pls.

  10. Thu Mar 23 13:13:40 2017
    Straham posted in SEA Reforming.

    Another guild of full french failures.

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