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    Tue May 16 10:28:45 2017
    V vvhi7e posted in looking for gvg team for mAT.

    Pm me in game Shadow Of Azazul we might arrange something.

  2. Tue May 16 07:12:35 2017
    V vvhi7e posted in Free ecto!.

    Nice but not maybe really the best way at the same time. You are giving your in-game money to people who allready have so much more money than they need regardless of which guild wins the mat a,d t herefore it wont give them any satisfaction if any. While on the other hand u may go to some random pve locations/kamadan and see who trades/sells items of super low worth (new players) and give them some of your posessions and make them trully happy cause it would take them months to get such money. I had people pm me for weeks after iv done so of how gratefully they were (how much it helped them). Just my two cents still nice thing from you to do sir.

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