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    Sun Feb 19 08:57:36 2017
    JornF posted in WTB OBSI TRIM.

    i can Mod it if Moto isnt available Leny. If you need one that is.

  2. 2 days ago
    Fri Feb 17 18:12:22 2017


  3. Fri Feb 17 18:09:54 2017

    @Curiousity -image-

    i was close .... sort of. I was guessing..... obviously..

  4. Fri Feb 17 18:09:12 2017

    I dont understand why people cant just play the game and enjoy it. People have to shit talk one another to make themselves feel superior to the other. Its a game just play and have fun....

  5. Fri Feb 17 18:04:50 2017


    Bits of information transferred through the network?! is that the packet hes talking about? lol

    "Packets of information in the network."

  6. 3 days ago
    Fri Feb 17 13:25:30 2017

    Used defenders zeal incorrectly :/ should put it on melee. Knights/Footmen/archers while in the base. Youll have unlimited energy lol

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 6 13:02:40 2017
    JornF posted in Drama N Fun [DnF] LF Buddys.

    those are hard to find.... good luck

  8. Mon Feb 6 12:47:15 2017

    how much for 2k ecto?

  9. Wed Feb 1 06:17:52 2017
    JornF posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    @hi im alex I dont know who you are but a player in a guild or was in a guild that botted really hard, multiple ppl using them. Maybe even you used them but the reason why i said the things i said was because it seems like youre trying to get back into the good graces of the community. Why i said you have no credibility is because of that very reason... you played with multiple ppl who bot and talked your shit during matches like your the best and no one bots etc..
    Now you come out with information about how they work?! I mean come on man u cant play both sides and expect someone to be cool about it :/ .

  10. Wed Feb 1 06:13:00 2017
    JornF posted in Yet another botting drama?.

    i mentioned the middle ground before, seems no one wants to bother with it. They would rather go back and forth about people botting and not botting. I hate use zynkh as an example again but he is the perfect example of having that middle ground. Yes he botted before, yes hes back in the gvg community somewhat. In gfg last month what did he play? Ele.. did he play mesmer or ranger at all? No .. .. He was put on non rupt roles for that very reason because he did bot in the past. That was a guild decision (including zynkh) as a whole to have him on such roles instead. There werent any issues.
    Thats the middle ground im talking about. To be honest thats as far as people should go about caring about botters/people you know or play with that have botted. Making a new alliance because someone was in the ally that have botted before was just kind senseless imo. Just deal with it and role on.

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