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  1. 6 days ago
    Mon Mar 20 16:37:55 2017
    JornF posted in LF Guild.

    no sorry, i dont play with zurrie..

  2. Mon Mar 20 10:15:07 2017
    JornF started the conversation LF Guild.

    Lookin for somewhere to play i guess. Non backline preferred. But if i need to monk .... prot please :)

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 9 15:30:08 2017

    real women have curves , sexy as hell

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 19 08:57:36 2017
    JornF posted in WTB OBSI TRIM.

    i can Mod it if Moto isnt available Leny. If you need one that is.

  5. Fri Feb 17 18:12:22 2017


  6. Fri Feb 17 18:09:54 2017

    @Curiousity -image-

    i was close .... sort of. I was guessing..... obviously..

  7. Fri Feb 17 18:09:12 2017

    I dont understand why people cant just play the game and enjoy it. People have to shit talk one another to make themselves feel superior to the other. Its a game just play and have fun....

  8. Fri Feb 17 18:04:50 2017


    Bits of information transferred through the network?! is that the packet hes talking about? lol

    "Packets of information in the network."

  9. Fri Feb 17 13:25:30 2017

    Used defenders zeal incorrectly :/ should put it on melee. Knights/Footmen/archers while in the base. Youll have unlimited energy lol

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 6 13:02:40 2017
    JornF posted in Drama N Fun [DnF] LF Buddys.

    those are hard to find.... good luck

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