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    Tue May 16 08:27:18 2017
    Godly changed Feanor's group to Member.
  2. Tue May 16 03:46:13 2017
    F Feanor posted in looking for gvg team for mAT.

    Im wondering if Axiom is even still the owner of the site or if it got gobbled up by some rando lol

  3. Tue May 16 03:35:42 2017
    F Feanor posted in looking for gvg team for mAT.

    Also why the fuck won't it let me post in the GVG channel ? Who runs this place now....

  4. Tue May 16 03:33:49 2017
    F Feanor started the conversation looking for gvg team for mAT.

    I used to play 2005-2010, and I'm pretty confident I could log on and play a bit of random arena to get my micro back and be ready to play in a tournament over the course of a weekend.

    These forums were better before, I lost all my post history and can't look back at the good ol' days.

    I play frontline, hammer warrior. Can do axe warrior too but like whatever. I just wanna try out the game a bit with players who aren't shit.

    If you want to contact me to play, message me on INSTAGRAM @kisstafer - I don't check these forums very often anymore so may miss a reply to the thread.

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    Mon Mar 14 14:00:50 2016
    F Feanor started the conversation Old forums?.

    Why did the old threads and accounts all get deleted?? Can we have an "other games" section again?

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    Wed Dec 2 22:44:42 2015

    Personally, I've invested several thousand into Canopy Growth Corporation on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

  7. Wed Dec 2 22:23:56 2015
    1. understand your teams overall strategy to win
    2. understand your opponent's strategy to win
    3. understand how the two strategies interact, (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).
    4. Devise a plan to make your team's strategy work before the enemies strategy works.
    5. Say the plan out loud.
    6. Execute the plan more precisely than the opponent.
    7. Adjust to any changes in the opponents plan.
    8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until the game is won or lost.

    When the coordination between internal planning and external speaking approaches a 1:1 ratio in terms of clarity & purpose, only then may execution approach 1 as well. The victor will be the team who's execution is closest to 1. There can be only 1.

  8. Wed Dec 2 22:19:30 2015

    u take the spike in armor set and then swap to +60 hp set before u die

  9. Wed Dec 2 22:14:33 2015
    F Feanor posted in Calling Spikes Guide.

    I think a primary trait of a good spike caller is someone who tells his team directions what specific actions they should take to ensure the spikes start to go through, rather than just complaining about what is stopping them from working.

    E.G. Instead of saying "I can't kill them because I'm always blind", you instead say "On 3 I want you to pre-cast your condi-removal to gaurantee a clean spike"

    See how this type of communication (and the more sophisticated planning that goes into it) is more condusive to actually getting shit done?

  10. Wed Dec 2 22:11:15 2015

    I don't know whether to thank or curse ANET for not adding proper GVG to GW2. On the one hand, the game would have been so good, and fulfilled my teenage wet dream. On the other hand, I'd probably still be playing video games and not have a job.

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