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    Thu Feb 23 05:51:14 2017
    Luv posted in Build Thread.

    Here's what I got:

    Oath Shot Cunt, for tasty blackouts, 20s LR and annoying mesmers camping apply (shoutout to Elran):

    The Scary Flaggy, to scare those cocky splitters and pushers on the heavy-split maps in March:

    SoDominator, just for the fun:

    The Spearosaurus, tanky as fuck and heavy dmg. Lsurge cunts, bring it on:

    Apply para, I stole that from someone in this thread, but this flux makes it even cooler:

    Imbue Surge, for annoying flag pushers on your flagger, helpless solo monks at stand an what not:

    More to come

  2. 22 hours ago
    Thu Feb 23 05:02:00 2017
    Luv posted in Build Thread.

    or what about 4 zurrie dervs honk?

  3. Thu Feb 23 04:52:43 2017
    Luv posted in Build Thread.

    Any fancy March flux bars guys?

    ps: march flux= +2 to secondary profession attribs

  4. 2 days ago
    Tue Feb 21 12:49:37 2017

    You seem to have serious issues when it comes to presenting what you think is "evidence".
    It showed blatantly in your other thread and you're back at it with this one, so I figured I'd give you some hints.

    Here is what a proof cannot be:
    -> Personal anecdotal claims such as: "I've wrote plenty of scripts so I know a lot about bots and I can tell you person x,y and z are botting". In case it's not obvious to you just yet, this doesn't work since there is no way to verify your claims, or at least, you don't provide any. If that was considered a proof, anyone would come up with stories about things they allegedly saw or done and freely disculp themselves or incriminate others. Practical when you have no real arguments, sure, but unrealistic sadly.

    -> Baseless accusations, even when you coat them in apparently (but falsely) logical arguments. For instance, if person x does action y, then person x is guilty. Since person z must be doing action y, then person z is guilty. Or to take a concrete example of your own creation: if person x has rupt bot showing message in the chat, then this person is botting. Since Godly hides his chat, he must have those messages. Thus, he is botting.
    As you can see this is no robust evidence, since you have absolutely no way to prove Godly indeed has such messages showing on his screen.

    -> Unique occurrence of "shady" behavior. While it is a bit more complex, and it may in many occasions shift the burden of proof on the other party, you have to be careful when making definite claims out of single occurences. In this case, while I think it does shift the burden of proof on Ali, you cannot conveniently conclude he is botting. That would dismiss the possibility of a prediction bstance (instinct, whatever you choose to call it) without any more evidence. Especially considering he sucessfully gets wastreled at least twice later in the game.

    Anyway, if you weren't so definite and arrogant with your claims people would probably take you more seriously and you could get your point accross more easily, provided you actually have a point at least. In any trial, resorting to name calling and personal attacks has never strengthened anyone's arguments, quite the opposite actually.

    In before "circle-jerking" comments and all sorts of colorful insults, this is not intended to be a defense of Ali or anyone else in particular. It's merely me being tired of random people acting as if they had "secret information" about everyone else's bots without providing any solid evidence to back it up.
    Now ali post your fucking recording or gtfo cunt bitch circlejerk haha^^^

  5. 4 days ago
    Sun Feb 19 09:39:49 2017
    Luv posted in 2017 February Monthly.

    Any VoDs from the mAT besides Nick's?

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Jan 31 14:15:31 2017

    I've played with him 2 months in WoT and I've watched him play several times. He looked everything like a normal mesmer to me, sometimes even with pretty bad performances, sometimes with better. Just like any mesmer. It's up to people who think he bots to provide evidences.
    Anyway I'm done responding to this thread

  7. Tue Jan 31 14:07:41 2017

    @Rainy How convenient that cheating is only ever restricted to the incidence and/or time period where it was caught.

    Someone with the capacity to cheat and the willingness to cheat, doesn't simply stop cheating unless the incentives change. Perhaps you really did stop botting because you were afraid of being caught. Given cheating apologists that litter the gvg community like Luv (who you mentioned), the vast majority of people can safely cheat without worrying.

    Knew you'd jump on the occasion haha
    It's bullshit though, the only bot I defended was Zynkh when he was exposed by Sync for the first time, as I thought he did not bot that game. I was mistaken and admitted it several times.
    Right after that I decided to forgive past sins of any botter (so that included Maverick, Zynkh, even Marc or whoever) and start crossing them out as they do, which I've already written in a past thread. Since then I've never played with any botter, and stopped playing with Zynkh when he got caught again.

    Furthermore, your reasoning that states it's impossible to prove the usage of bots and that people have every incentive to bot is pointless. It's easier than ever to get a bot now, anyone could do it. And following your rationale, everyone will get one, since the community has no integrity and people have all the incentives to bot blabla... Still following your reasoning, since we can't prove if a given person is using a bot or not, literally every fucking person in this game could be suspected. The only alternative would be to stop playing altogether. Which is where your recurrent rants about how 80% of the community would commit suicide without GW, that it's all in their life etc. occurs. Your posts are so exaggerated that it's hard for me to take you seriously any longer, your own frustration shows more blatantly every time.

    You have serious anger issues to keep coming on the forum of a dead game that you don't even play anymore to post pretty much exclusively hateful comments about its players/community. Honestly you (and we) would be better off if you just moved on with GW and QQ, since you think it's so shit anyway.

    Personally I still think the game is fun, there are still some good games to have, without any botter and annoying flame. Except for notorious botting guilds like SHOP, the past mATs were clean and the games leading up to finals were also clean and cool to watch. No, there were not any bots in those games, it's freaking obvious. Everyone got to watch, re-watch and re-re-watch them. Had anyone botted, he would have gotten busted instantly, like they do every time.

    Cancel bots are obvious, rupt bots are also detectable (yes I failed to detect Zynkh's, don't bring that up again ty), bulls/bstance/aos bots even more so. And don't start talking about party windows and other bullshit. Clearly if anyone used that it gave no advantage whatsoever. Every monk in game still eats diversions and shames like they always have, splits go undetected all the time, spikes go through constantly etc. etc.
    If you're the best guild, you win. That's about as far as it goes. Why does LaG keep winning since they came back? They're the best guild, that's it.

    Anyway, on topic: I knew QC was botting back in the days. I also knew Alex was in there. Didn't know he personally botted (thought it was Flawless). In any case, as I said earlier, I forgave past botters under the condition that they aren't botting anymore. There has been and there is no evidence that Alex botted/bots since then, so I still play with him. That's all.

  8. Tue Jan 31 08:27:58 2017

    Yeah I didn't mention but like 40% of the time I fail cancelling the rupt cuz I'm too slow or if it's FC etc. :P
    Also I play 10 FC if that matters at all

  9. Tue Jan 31 05:44:28 2017

    Just wanted to shed some light on this cancelling thing. When I play mesmer I sometimes do it too (this is not an argument, btw), and back when there was this argument about cancelling=bot, I had made a video recording of myself playing mesmer in RA and doing it.

    People say there is no logical reason to do it. I would rather say that doing it is a proof of unoptimal play, but that there is a logic behind it.
    Here is mine, and why I do it (I'm not speaking for Math, I have no idea why/how he does it and this is not intended to be a defense of him, as I barely know him anyway): I'm not a very great mesmer, thus I have a hard time refraining from throwing PBs (and rupts in general) when monks use 1/4s skills like patient/draw/SB or when they get a FC or use a signet. So, when I'm waiting to rupt burst/woh/RC on a monk, and he uses something else (1/4s) or gets a FC, and I fall for it and use a rupt on it, I quickly press escape to try and cancel the rupt (my finger is always resting on escape, since I use my rupts with mouse buttons), in order to not miss my rupt and have it on cooldown for another 20s.
    Yes it sacrifices energy, and yes it might not be the best thing to do, but sometimes it allows me to hit the next burst/woh, which I wouldn't have been able to do if my rupt was on cooldown. It happens a few times in the video you will see. Weirdly enough, it also feels kind of relieving "not to miss a rupt". Like, if I just keep missing my rupts my confidence usually drops and I tend to fail even more (in GvG at least, not in RA).
    Of course, mesmers that are very good at rupting might not do that because they don't fall for FC or 1/4s skills.

    Here is the video:

    I do the cancel casting of rupts at roughly 5:00, 7:43, 10:39, 11:05 twice and at 11:53. Of course you can watch the rest of the video to ensure that I'm not botting, but I think it will be pretty obvious to anyone who has a little bit of knowledge of the game.
    Note: at 11:05 I cancel a rupt although it was going to land on guardian. I agree that in this case there is no justification for it, I just did that because cancelling kinda became a bad habit and I sometimes do it when I clearly shouldn't.

    Pretty sure it will sound dumb to most good mesmers, but isn't it logical to cancel a rupt and get a "second-chance" to hit it a few seconds later, rather than having it on cooldown for 20s, as long as you got energy for it? Especially considering that when the enemy team takes a lot of pressure, you get a lot more opportunities to rupt elites and important skills since enemy monk casts way more, so having your rupt on cooldown wastes even more potential.

  10. Sun Jan 29 12:04:53 2017
    Luv posted in Flag Push Team Movement.

    I mean, it's not really considered a push if the necro with the flag is already at stand is it? :P

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