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    Sun Feb 5 08:36:12 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @hi im alex How the hell did we go from scamming accounts, to 400 dollar tapas to debating wheter his rolex is real or nah and how much cash hes raking in?

    Next thing im gonna post a picture of my roided up body and get thousand pms from the closet gays!

    On topic, it was a bitchmove nothing else. I was the one who said youre were botting because it was fucking obvious. Dont know who was on your account i dont give 2 cents tho.

    Instead of being grown ups and realising that this is a fucking game and you shouldnt get THAT butthurt about it!

    Says the most notorious botter turned saint now huh just shut the fuck up dude lol You always called others bots and you're the biggest one yourself!!

  2. Sat Feb 4 20:41:15 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Strange Shisha #googlebeforeshittalk the IIII is actually common.

    after all the shit talk between us shisha thank you for validating my post...ty m8

  3. Sat Feb 4 16:15:20 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    You obviously know nothing about Rolexs wouldn't expect a broke boy to be informed about a real time piece

  4. Sat Feb 4 10:55:58 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    Goodluck with your real life guys! Sorry your only enjoyment is (trying) to bully ppl online but this is the last I'm commenting on this post....gonna go have some fun fucking your mothers now, pz

  5. Sat Feb 4 10:53:27 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    Lmaoooooooo...as disappointing as having to cheat in a dead game to win anything greg? And I only posted it cause he thought I was lying don't be mad now please ahahahah

  6. Fri Feb 3 17:34:10 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @thetragedy ok and how much stuff did u order to spend 400 $ lel main plates are at 30

    Get some culture look up what tapas are

  7. Fri Feb 3 16:50:34 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @thetragedy if u paid 400$ for a dinner in a cheap ass place with ikea cutlery and glasses u been scammed brah. where do u live that they charge u more than 10 bucks for trash watered down drinks with a couple lemon slice thrown in. am disgusted.


  8. Fri Feb 3 16:20:59 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @Tower Flag ;Stand kids nose is larger than the face of his watch, red too i bet it bumps into everything nigga put some ointment on that bitch that shits got a bacterial infection or something nigga oko aint got nothin on that

    this foo aint rich he be eatin bread and water


    Lmao that was a 400$ dinner I spent your weekly paycheck on one meal. Sorry ur mad bro

  9. Fri Feb 3 14:45:31 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @NarcinRoc 2k17 and accounts are what, $20? "Rich Boy" accolade still tryin to steal accounts instead of just buyin them. Jokes on jokes.

    Okay this is my final post on this retarded topic. I didn't steal his account I gave him what he deserved. And yeah, I'll just leave this here for you to cry over as well. -image- go ahead and send it to fake watch busta too, lmao.

  10. Fri Feb 3 12:26:12 2017
    A Accolade posted in Dear Accolade, .

    @ANTPhilip You litterly deleted all of his account just because someone has accused him of botting on your account and an shitty Eblade dissapearing!?

    You do know many people knew Zynkh was playing on your account so thats kinda an easy bait on your side to actually believe them, wtf? And really Accolade? An EBlade is worth that much to you? I think you are just mad dude, i wouldve let you play time to time if that "benching" shit really is what upset you. Such a shame dude, cant believe it, what the actuall fuck Accolade!

    Are you fucking stupid? I was never benched by any guild recently so I have no idea what ur even talking about I didn't MAT cause I was in Los Angeles so I think you're very misinformed.....funny how many ppl tryna defend this piece of shit spic after how many times he has trash talked every single person in the community, he talks behind everyones back, stole from me, botted on my acc, just drop it lol. Like I said hopefully he can go get his GED now or something and quit his McDonalds job

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