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    Sat Dec 10 06:58:06 2016
    K kamy posted in QQ forums.

    Is there any way to keep the main page clean from all these shit threads about random arenas, qekz, etc.? Like a dumpster section that u can hide or something like that.

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    Sat Oct 24 02:56:42 2015


  3. Fri Oct 9 05:03:28 2015
    K kamy posted in Backline Setup Guide - Prot.

    good stuff but honestly i dont like the idea of having 2 shield sets

    i would drop the -5 ene shield set (if there is a esurge mes u can always change to ur -5 ene weapon) and either use this:
    to cast aura of stability, shielding hands and aegis

    or this:
    to cast holy veil

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