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    Sat Mar 19 05:17:30 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in Otaku Unite.

    Ghost in the shell... movie, not a series, but still better than nothing.

    Ghost in the Shell (1995)
    Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)

    you can get them from the piratebay webshop i believe for a cheap price

  2. Fri Mar 4 19:32:30 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in List of botters(blacklist).

    Just a suggestion: how about instead of starting a blacklist thread, you start up a whitelist thread. List ppl who are fun to play with.

    The reasoning behind this is follow. The blacklist thread is starting on a negative note, excluding ppl from "play" is pretty negative imo regardless of reasoning. It seems negativity attracts flame and allaround a big mess. A positive thread i hope would produce less trashtalk. Dont even call it whitelist, just a list of friendly ppl or whatever. I have read these botting threads and i am sick of the hatred.

  3. Fri Mar 4 10:21:37 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in ANOTHER THREAD ABOUT BOTTERS.

    Looks like some ppl have this theme song running in their heads all day long.

    I wasted enough time to read all the drama and wild accusations in these threads, wont do it anymore. Funny how you guys have the time to waste, basically trashtalking and flaming.

    Im sure almost everyone has a little blacklist in his/her mind (who to guest, even an ordered list, number 1 guest, if he's not online guest number2 etc.), standards are surely different, some might tolerate a botter in his team in order to win that gold, but who cares about gold honestly? Does that trim make you a better person? A botter with gold trim still cant deliver the expected performance without his bot. Its like putting a train horn on a scooter . Sure, for a second it can scare anybody, but the scooter will still be a crappy little crotch-rocket, which can barely hit 30km/h in backwind.

  4. Mon Feb 22 08:00:39 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in 2016 February Monthly.

    actually this is a helpful thread... someone from a senior year psychology course could write his papers from this. plug some Nietzsche quotes in, and done

  5. Mon Feb 22 07:29:20 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in 2016 February Monthly.

    @RealZurrie Well there's no way Pande would have been able to ddos Scooms unless he bought Scoom's IP from whoever has access to it from teaching scrims. As has already been stated, nobody at all sees the IP's on my TS and Scooms hasn't been on any other TS where anyone could have gotten his IP.

    Absolutely no way he was botting? Well, consider this:

    Your TS is secure. Let's say, Godly says the truth too, so that TS is secure also. How else could PANDE or whoever he is get the IP? What if, the story checks out, and that Pnade guy "sold" a bot for Scooms, with a teeny tiny backdoor, which, let's say for the fun of it, ping a certain IP (in Pande's posession) and if its available, backdoor is open and done.

    It does not even has to be Pande, maybe he bought the bot from someone, and he just tries to make money selling someone else's stuff. The bot-maker dude is getting all the IPs, building his own zombie-network. Maybe it wasnt even a directed ddos, just the "attacker" found 500GB porn on the drive and started to copy em, bandwith is plugged, ranger is gone.

    And thats why kids you dont ever wanna use illegal third party cheats, and always put a condom on the ethernet cable before you plug it in. Because if you dont, you will catch those nasty viruses.

  6. Mon Feb 22 06:34:44 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in 2016 February Monthly.

    @RealZurrie That's an actual coordinated team, who doesn't need to "teach" and not trust what their teammates are going to do in the middle of a match.

    Well [rawr] had to be a pug once. The difference, they stayed together and built up the "chemistry" in the team.

    @RealZurrie It makes them think about what exactly they were doing and why it was wrong. If someone is angry, that inherently confers a feeling of realizing it must be for some reason and of needing to change something.

    First of all, it does not help them, makes em thing for sure, but no pointers in the swearing as to what went wrong and how to fix it. Emphasis on the how to fix it part. If you try to explain it in the match, 1, you obstruct the comms with shit, 2, instantly gave up 2 ppl from the team (engaged in a discussion, lost focus on the game). Imo a bad call which is followed trough and then after the match admitted as a mistake, from which everyone could take away a lesson, is still more beneficial to the team (not your dreams of winning a mat where everyone is a slave and do whatever and whenever you want them to do) - than no calls and flaming bullshit yelling.

    The problem with blaming your mates in a match is, you take away the focus and the morale instantly. Hell, we won a few match from being way behind, because we refused to give up. Hope and trust is a strong skill in any teamwork scenario. How do you obtain trust? You need to build it, not by yelling and calling everyone a moron, but by try and fail cycle carried over the downs by hope. You go for the "fck this, its lost everyone resign ffs morons". A lost match is a good lesson. Mistakes were made, means improvements are in order. And if its true what you say, you want to constantly improve, then you should be happy when you loose.

    “When things go wrong in your command, start wading for the reason in increasing larger concentric circles around your own desk.”
    – General Bruce D. Clark
    “When you become a leader you give up the right to think about yourself.”
    – Gerald Brooks

    Life will not hand you a flock of rawr-quality players missing Polly, waiting for you to fill in. They had to build it themselves.

  7. Mon Feb 22 06:04:30 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in 2016 February Monthly.


    "Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack. Or bots. Yep, definitely bots."
    Sun Tzu

    Here, contribootin' . :)

  8. Mon Feb 22 05:17:04 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in 2016 February Monthly.

    @Polar Vote to rename the website www.gw-psychiatric-hospital.com


  9. Mon Feb 22 05:16:29 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in 2016 February Monthly.

    @RealZurrie People yelled in GvG all the time back in the day and less experienced players learned from it.

    First, I dont see the point in that statement. What was the informatin an inexperienced player could take away from the "you fucking moron why are you doing that?" yelled at you with 200db.

    Second, and this will be the long part.
    When you refer to "old" days do you mean 2013 and onward?

    Excuse me, I've played this game since 2005 august up until early 2010 (took a long break, came back pretty much 4 months ago). I played only pvp, deleted my one and only pve character back in 2008. At that time we were in and around top70 on the ladder. We achieved several silver capes in the era when [rawr] ruled the MATs. (yep that rawr with Polly and Awowa and Three Pounds)

    [vD]s mesmer Anita was living in the same city, we went to the same university. Never even heard bootcamp style yelling from those players. [rawr] had videos on youtube with ventrilo (i know, we used it instead of TS, silly right?) voice recorded and synced together with the obs, and on their forum they released ventrilo recordings of the mathces for you to sync up with obs in game for yourself. Couldnt hear flaming and cussing there neither. Never even heard calling each other idiot, let alone moron or worse while in a match. Ofc the volume of the voice can go up with excitement, but the context should never reach an offensive state. Critique is acceptable, everyone can learn from that (for example: after the match - "that was a dumb move to make [ notice the difference, the move was dumb, not the player ], next time make sure you do this or that, or you couldve done that"), if it is kept in a civilised manner, but downright insulting (for example : in the match, in the middle of a spike, "oh you fucking moron, what the fuck are you even doing there you stupid fuck?" while 6 more guys are still playing on the team - 1 gets yelled at and 1 yells). Blame never moved things forward, ever, blame just gets tossed around. Dont mix up the two. This is you doing the wrong way.

    Im glad you pulled up the military card here with the bootcamp mention. Do you know why they yell and cuss that much in bootcamp? DI's job is to break the kid down, right to the base, where everybody is equal, then build a man out of that kid. Seems like you want to try to break down ppl, but never intended to build up something.

    Playing for the fun, for the excitement, the actual close matches, where yo have to put your skill in use, your knowledge, the hard fights, thats what kept us in the game for this long. Ye sure, winning is a positive reassurance, but winnig is not the only thing you can take away from this game. Sure we lost quite a few matches, but i found lifelong friends in this game. What if you get your goldtrim? Next month. What will you have then?

    Our, and petty much everyone's (at least the ones i knew from the top 100 guilds) general rule was, in the match focus on the match, discuss the problems and "what if"s after the match. Keep the chat to the minimum, only relevant and tactical calling should be made, and the voice-comms should be clear of bullshit all and every time while in the match. A bullshit "fuck you you fucking fuck" can obscure a relevant "low nrg" call on your monk, thus resulting in a bad tactical call to stay and get wiped)

    If you have time to flame in match, you are not focusing on your job properly, which means you lost the game for the team by not doing your part, end of story.

    Sadly you either dont realise your own faults, or just too afraid to admit you have them. Big secret, nobody is perfect. You should think about the team, and forget about the

    @RealZurrie great players who ran exactly the build and tactic I wanted

    slavery delusion. Everybody should do whatever you want? Who made you god? Did i missed a memo? Try the political career and see what happens.

    You are beyond help mate. Take a break, dont forget to breathe deeply, calm your tits, get a good sleep and get a fresh start tomorrow. Tip for the next mAT: you should start to build your team and actually teach them the ins and outs of your "superior" builds, so they will know what to do and when to do it (save yourself from the micromanagement burden), treat them as equals (not as your personal minions who will carry you to gold and the sole purpose of their lives' is to serve you) instead of picking unknown, possible botters in the last 7 days.
    All i can say is, what one of your guy said in all chat against HDHR (when you got beaten on imperial with 4 warriors) Its only a game, you should start to treat it that way.

  10. Mon Feb 22 02:21:46 2016
    P Phantom [hent] posted in 2016 February Monthly.

    @RealZurrie Losing a player in a match

    Your ranger DCed at 11:32 ingame time, he was alone, aggroed a footman, the top door closed in front of him, then he died, meanwhile your main team were pushed well over the flagstand, almost into rSTD front gate.

    After the ranger DCed, rSTD easily collapsed on your trapped ranger (they were close, getting out of their base, duh), your main team pulled back to your base(you had the flag capped at this point with 1:30is until boost, rSTD managed to get a flag in, they had plenty of time) , you took quite a few deaths(timed after 12:00) in the process (none of them could've been really prevented by the ranger, since he was splitting and the door closed on him, forcing him on the long route). After your team resurrected at the 14 minute mark, rSTD played it safely, and pulled out / sent the 3man split to work. Your ranger reconnected at 15:37, that was the first second he moved from the shrine, immediately went to respond to the rSTD split along with your runner. The split pulled out slowly, deaths here and there, not long after that your main team wiped, and the match ended at 19:36 ingame time, with your ranger alive and moving.

    So, TL;DR, you lost your ranger for 4 minutes and 2 seconds(possibly took that long to load the bot back again), and in that time nothing happened that the ranger could've done to save your collective asses.
    My point is, that DC wasn't the obvious and only reason you lost the game. Don't get me wrong, i never said a DC has no impact on a match. I said the ranger being DCed wasnt the main reason you lost.

    Just remember, yelling at your teammates and calling them morons (I believe that is your voice ) retards (that is you again i believe )(second time ) will not make them better players, will not help them play better, will not make them trust you more as a leader, will not help earn their respect and will not lead you to any kind of achievement, not in a team based game. That behaviour will not attract more experienced players, will not spark a thought like "hell ye, i want to play with that Zurrie guy, he is so cool and talented, have my babies", hence you will be stuck with the pugs, and even decent pugs will say no to the flame you offer. You basically chasing people away, then you blame the top guilds, the elitists, the illuminati, everyone in the game, on planet earth, every god in every pantheon, because they "deny" the players from you.

    Your behavior and attitude keeps everyone away from you. That is the bottom line. Just think, which option sounds right :
    1.) the whole community should form around you, the solar system should revolve round you,


    2.)should you change your mentality?

    Which is easier? Obviously, you can't easily change the playerbase, i mean, just look around, your approach is not working. Ask yourself the question, what is achievable : change the ppl around you, or change yourself. If you can't recognize this, you are beyond any help and probably you will have problems(if you havent already) in any job which requires teamwork, but at least you will have plenty of teammates to blame it on.

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